Steve McKnight – RESULTS Mentoring Program – 2005-2011

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Learn How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar
Property Portfolio In Less Than 5 Years
For A Lifetime Of Financial Freedom!


Steve McKnight – RESULTS Mentoring Program

Steve McKnight – RESULTS Mentoring Program – 2005-2011


This is the Steve McKnight Results Mentoring Program – the $3k-$6k per year (depending on year and level) property investing course.

This is 6 years of the program.

Steve eventually sold the training program to the primary mentors so the original sales page is not available.

This contains EVERYTHING recorded prior to that.
The (current) sales page is HUGE so only the text is included below:

Learn How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar
Property Portfolio In Less Than 5 Years
For A Lifetime Of Financial Freedom!
Know WHERE to invest, WHAT to buy, and HOW to profit in any market!

“Thanks to Simon Buckingham, Brendan Kelly and the team, we have been able to achieve our goals. We went from zero cashflow to being financially free at age 28!
We now have the confidence to make property investing decisions in any market conditions, have a seemingly ‘bottomless’ wealth of information, expertise and resources; have numerous opportunities to network with other like-minded people; and have been successful in other strategies such as property development and overseas investing.
The greatest value we have found in the program is having the privilege of running through ideas and potential deals with our mentor – someone we can trust, an expert in property investing and someone who wants us to succeed.”
– Kevin & Daniella Dhillon (VIC)
Receive Unparalleled 1-on-1 Personal Coaching
from Australia’s BEST Property Mentors!
Gain Privileged Access to the MOST POWERFUL
Property Investing Information Available!
Get Unique ‘Insider’ Tips and Insights about
NEW BOOM SUBURBS – Before Anyone Else!
Dear Fellow Investor…

The media is full of reports about property values rising in many parts of the country, and there’s little question that the property market is heating up.
Right now, the smart investors are already in the market ‘cherry picking’ exceptional deals and making rapid profits.
Don’t Get Left Behind!
To profit, you must be in the market. But the reality – and the very real risk – is that property values won’t rise in every suburb, and some will even see significant falls in the year ahead.
As an investor seeking to maximise profits and avoid losses,it is therefore ESSENTIAL to know which suburbs are likely to BOOM,and which suburbs aremore likely to FALL, and to know the right property investing strategies for current market conditions.
The question is – where can you turn for good independent advice and help to cut through the confusion, identify the right areas and teach you the right strategies, so that you can seize the opportunity too?
Australia’s Best Independent Property Mentoring
That’s where we can help. Unlike real estate agents, buyers agents or property spruikers, we won’t ever try to sell you a property. Instead, we’ll train you to become a well educated and sophisticated real estate investor who sensibly uses property to make more money in a handful of months than most people make in years.
Don’t just take our word for it… the many testimonials included here demonstrate what’s possible when you’re properly trained by Australia’s BEST Property Mentors!
10 Year AnniversaryConsistently for several years we’ve been training people from all walks of life on how to use property to make exceptional profits. In the last 9 years we’ve mentored over 1600 property investors.
Created by a team of experienced and successful property investors, RESULTS is a professionally run mentoring program where just once a year we take in a selection of people to be trained in the art of making large sums of money from everyday property deals in any market conditions.
This Is Your Chance To Jump the Queue!

Places in the 2014 RESULTS Mentoring Program are strictly limited.

Secure Your Place Today!

Single mum Jodie explains how RESULTS helped her make
$140,000 in under 12 months from one property deal!
The Value Of An Experienced Property Mentor…

The problem with educational books, courses or seminars – even the very good ones – is that many people walk away bright eyed and bushy tailed only to end up scratching their heads when they try to apply what they learned. All of a sudden what made sense earlier now seems a whole lot harder in the real world.
It can be challenging to apply theory in practical situations. The key to success is to find a like-minded person who has the real-world experience for you to draw upon, who has the skill to teach you what they know, and the time and ability to support you when you most need that support.
As you can imagine, it’s extremely rare to find someone like this… Someone who doesn’t have a hidden agenda (such as trying to sell you one of their pre-selected properties). Someone who actually has the “runs on the board” with dozens of property deals under their belt. Someone who’ll make themselves available to personally mentor you 1-on-1 when you need them to.
That’s why we created the RESULTS Mentoring Program.
Recognising the need for high-quality independent mentoring, we’ve assembled a select group of hand-picked experienced property investors, to deliver the RESULTS Mentoring Program. Each year dedicated and committed investors are accepted into this highly acclaimed intensive real estate system, to be allocated a 1-on-1 property mentor and then trained to become an elite property investor.
If you’d like to be part of this year’s intake then read this letter very carefully. In past years the available spots have been allocated quickly, and the truth is that many will miss out on what is sure to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
A Rare Opportunity

There is only one annual program. Miss out and you’ll be waiting
a whole year or more before the opportunity presents again!
What Makes RESULTS Different?

“I have been researching different programs for about 18 months and RESULTS offers a lot more support to the investor. The mentoring is exceptional.”
– Pauline G. (NSW)
What makes RESULTS different

Choosing a property mentor you can trust comes down to two words:

Rest assured that your RESULTS Property Mentor will always have only YOUR best interests at heart.
Beware buyers agents and property development companies that masquerade as so-called ‘mentoring’ programs, but are really about getting you to buy their pre-selected properties. You have to question whose interest they’re really serving.
Who would you rather be mentored by…

…someone who gets a kick-back every time they sell you a property or refer you to their developer or real estate agent ‘buddies’?
Or an independent and experienced investor, who will never ever try to sell you a property.
Who would you rather be mentored by…

…a ‘trained facilitator’ who might only have one or two property deals (or none) under their belt?
Or a sophisticated and active investor with many years of experience over dozens of deals and multiple investing strategies, as your 1-on-1 personal trainer.
The answer is obvious.

We’re 100% independent of any buyers agent or real estate agent, and have no affiliation with any off-the-plan property developer.
PIPAWhat’s more, as one of the few property educators with membership in the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) Association, we subscribe to a strict Code of Conduct requiring a commitment to education, disclosure, and honest practice.

If you’re considering any form of property education, ask if the provider is a member of PIPA and subscribes to the Association’s Code of Conduct. If not, you have to question why.

We pride ourselves on operating with the highest level of integrity – it’s what makes RESULTS different!
“The past year in RESULTS has been an amazing journey and a true turning point in my life. Not only have I regained complete control of my personal finances and erased all consumer debt, but I have learned to set (and then achieve) goals that motivate and truly speak to me.
In the last 12 months I have purchased 2 cashflow positive properties and recently embarked on a 4 lot sub-division and build project expecting to yield around 100K profit inside 12 months. These achievements would never have been possible without the skills and techniques that I learned through the RESULTS program.
The RESULTS program has been truly life changing for me. I now have the skills, the knowledge and the networks to achieve my investing goals and more importantly, I can see a clear and achievable path to financial freedom. I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone looking to improve their financial and investing IQ – and from a money management point of view, the course paid for itself within months.”
– Brad B. (NSW)
What Is The RESULTS Mentoring Program?

Get The Training And Help You Need – At Every Step!

RESULTS is Australia’s Premier Mentoring Program for investors seeking to achieve financial freedom through property. It’s a multi-faceted training and support program, tailored to fit different learning styles and levels of investing experience.
Personal mentoring from a highly experienced property investor is combined with exclusive market research, structured learning, extensive reference materials, facilitated networking and group learning – all designed to turn you into the top-gun property investor you’ve always wanted to be!
Whether you’re just trying to get started, or are an experienced investor wanting to take your skills and success to the next level, you’ll get the personal support and in-depth information you need.

Kurt quit his job and is now a professional property developer
doing multi-million dollar projects!
What’s Included…

As a very brief summary, Australia’s Premier Mentoring Program for Property Investors includes:
Personal 1-on-1 Mentoring from an expert property investor!
A Structured 12-Month Training Program.
An initial 4-week KickStart! program designed to build immediate investing momentum.
Comprehensive materials detailing the ‘how to’ of everything from positive cash flow deals to property development.
Over 200+ hours of exclusive recordings to skill you up on practically any aspect of property investing.
Unique members-only full-day power learning & networking events, where you’ll be surrounded with like-minded investors.
Regular market updates and live educational webinars to keep you on the leading edge.
Powerful tools and templates for analysing deals and accelerating your investing.
Exclusive Personalised Suburb Research using the most advanced and accurate market analysis techniques available to identify the best areas to invest in for rapid capital growth, tailored to your needs for price, location and strategy.
… and much more! You’ll find full details on this page.

“We had to join RESULTS – It was absolutely necessary for us to continue our passion for property investing. We needed the support, guidance, knowledge, motivation and felt we needed to rub shoulders with the best in the business in order for us to grow in our success.
My first deal since joining RESULTS made us $108,000 profit in 12 weeks. Since then we have gone on to do many more deals, with the support of my RESULTS coach Simon.
Since joining RESULTS, my coach has simply been outstanding in many ways. His at-hand support, knowledge, professionalism, mannerism and understanding has been exceptional and we thank him greatly for this. We have run many deals via Simon and he has been able to tackle and overcome any hurdle we have placed in front of him or he has placed in front of us, with an objective point of view to cover all angles. This has been priceless.
Also, a special mention to the rest of the team for all their involvement. We appreciated the amount of work that would go into running a program like this. So well done and thank you.
Looking forward to continuing with more great deals and our property investing path. We feel the RESULTS Program has been priceless, and for us it is a great form of insurance.”
– Matt & Tiere Firmstone (NSW)
Perfect For The Beginner Investor…

‘Newbie’ investor Chris bought 2 houses for the price of one!
The RESULTS Mentoring Program is designed to accommodate investors at all stages of their investing journey. Those just starting out may find some of the concepts advanced, but you can work at your own pace to achieve your desired goals. Also, remember that in the RESULTS Mentoring Program, you’re only a phone-call or e-mail away – you can always seek help from us with anything you’re unsure about.

In fact, if you’re just starting out then it’s an ideal time to get the support of the RESULTS team. We’ll teach you how to avoid common novice mistakes, and give you the grounding and support you need to tackle your first property deal with confidence!
Experienced Investors – Take It To The Next Level!

The RESULTS Mentoring Program supports many expereinced investors too. The property investing experience of the team spans many dozens of property deals across multiple strategies, and within the RESULTS Mentoring Program you can ask any question at any time, thereby receiving assistance in those areas where you require help.

We’ll train you up in new advanced strategies, and help you identify and overcome whatever is holding you back – so that you can build on your past successes and take your investing to a whole new level!

Rochelle details how RESULTS has enabled her to graduate
from small renovation deals to a huge 26 apartment development!
2014 RESULTS Mentoring Program – ‘Early-bird’ Enrolments Closed
Just Missed Out? Call NOW on (03) 9890 5600
How Can RESULTS Benefit Me?

As a RESULTS member you will benefit from:
star_14 The Power of REAL 1-on-1 Mentoring!
Unlike other programs where all you really get are group conference calls, a ‘trained facilitator’ or a so-called ‘coach’ who doesn’t really have much more experience than you do, as a RESULTS member you’ll have direct and privileged access to the source.
Your RESULTS mentors are all highly experienced investors with many dozens of property deals under their belts, who’ll work with you 1-on-1 to help you advance your property investing!
Imagine how much easier investing would be if you could call up an experienced and skilled investor whenever you’re considering a property deal or have hit an obstacle?
“The RESULTS mentors helped me by holding my hand through the property searching process and giving me the confidence to buy 8 properties in 2 years. Simon has always been available, and this has made decision making, goal setting and taking action much easier.”
– Pauline O’Halloran (WA)

Whether it’s confidential help with analysing property deals in detail, sophisticated negotiating tactics, ideas for optimising existing properties, tips to overcome finance obstacles, useful specialist contacts, brainstorming solutions to property problems, or even assistance in effective marketing strategies to sell a property or find a tenant, your RESULTS Property Mentor will be there at every stage to help you find direction and overcome hurdles.
Come across a deal that seems too good to be true? Perhaps it is, so run it past us for an independent appraisal. We’ll work through the details of your deals together, 1-on-1, and help you sort out the great deals from the duds!

Gain increased confidence and know-how when selecting areas and properties. We’ll teach you specifically how to determine whether a potential deal stands to make a profit!
“I can’t say enough about how great it is. I was going to walk away from a deal and Brendan made me see how good the deal was – and it has been! Thanks to Brendan and all the mentors – you have given me the confidence to take action and the resources to analyse deals.”
– Jason Shanks (NSW)

Need help tackling a renovation, subdivision or development? No problem! We’ll help you figure out your next steps and share the lessons from our own extensive experience, to help you avoid costly mistakes and maximise profits.
“The 1 on 1 mentoring is the most valuable component of the program. To be able to ask specific questions about deals and any aspect of my investing really fast tracked my investment success. The guidance provided around structuring an offer led to a quick $21k profit on a ‘contract assignment’ reno deal in just 3 months.”
– Amanda McEwin (SA)

Want to pursue positive cash flow properties, but don’t know how or where to look? We’ll share our personal techniques – including the ultimate secret to finding cash flow positive deals that will also get capital growth!

Need someone to keep you on track? By keeping in regular contact with your Property Mentor you’ll get the motivation, momentum and accountability you need to keep moving forward and stay on target!

Using our proven negotiating tactics, RESULTS participants have been able to save many of thousands of dollars off purchase prices, and added a similar amounts to their selling values.
“The RESULTS mentors helped me to structure an offer on a property that saved me an extra $10,000 and got me a long settlement on the deal too.”
– Andrew Finnie (NSW)

Stuck and unable to move forward? You have the full weight of the entire mentoring panel’s expertise and experience to help brainstorm solutions to any property issue.
“The knowledge and experience of the mentors is priceless. To have access to all of them is great – someone will always know how to help you and answer your questions!”
– Jacinda Jones (VIC)
Want to boost your investment returns? We are specialists in helping you find new opportunities within your existing portfolio, and hunting down every last dollar of profit in a deal.

Of course, we can assist you with both the practical day-to-day aspects of investing (that only experienced investors really understand) as well as pointing you in the right direction on technical issues (such as finance and accounting matters). Use us to forge ahead!

Michelle explains how RESULTS enabled her to wipe out $250K of debt,
create a million dollar profit, and totally transform her life!

star_14 The Power of Australia’s BEST Property Mentors!
As a RESULTS member you’ll have unprecedented access to the combined knowledge of the entire RESULTS Mentoring Team. All RESULTS 1-on-1 Mentors are hand-picked, highly experienced property investors who display a burning passion for helping others.
You’ll be amazed at the level of privileged access you have to the RESULTS team! We don’t hide behind a generic email address or limit contact to one or two seminars during the program. You’ll have a real and direct relationship with the RESULTS mentors.
And the best part? Unlike other so-called ‘mentoring’ programs, you’re not restricted to just one or two half-hour calls a month… you can talk to us as often as you need! There’s no limit on the amount of times you can contact your Property Mentor (within business hours – hey, we value our family time too).

Here’s an introduction to your expert team…
Simon BuckinghamSimon Buckingham A highly experienced investor, Simon has purchased more than 50 properties in the last 7 years alone, using a broad range of strategies including positively-geared residential rentals, vendor finance deals, renovations, developments and commercial properties, both within Australia and overseas.

Holding university degrees in Commerce and Law, and with over 10 years’ experience as a business consultant, Simon turned his back on corporate life following the births of his two children and now spends his time investing, developing property, and building businesses – while teaching others how they can do the same. He has personally mentored over 600 investors in techniques that can be used to profit from property in any market, and has presented to thousands of people at property conferences and seminars around Australia and New Zealand.

Simon’s opinions on the property market and real-world investing strategies are frequently featured in Smart Property Investment magazine and Property Observer. He is co-author of critically acclaimed property book The Real Deal, and a Director of Australia’s premier mentoring service for property investors: the RESULTS Mentoring Program.

Brendan KellyBrendan Kelly With a wide breadth of experience built up over 18 years of investing in property, Brendan’s expertise spans multiple property strategies including renovations, subdivisions, growth properties, positive cash flow deals, industrial properties and even vendor finance. Brendan helped establish the RESULTS Mentoring Program seven years ago and has since personally mentored over 600 people in all aspects of property investing.

Today, as a public speaker, professional investor and Director of the RESULTS Mentoring Program, Brendan contributes regularly to articles in Your Investment Property magazine, Smart Property Investment magazine, and other property media offering tips for property investors. He presents regularly at seminars and donates his time to local investor networking groups as a motivator and educator on property investing and wealth creation strategies. Brendan co-wrote The Real Deal: Property Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom, published in 2010 by Wright Books.

Tony LambrianosTony
Lambrianos An accomplished property investor and master negotiator with dozens of property deals under his belt both locally and overseas, Tony also brings his 20 years of business acumen to the RESULTS Mentoring Program as a Property Mentor and Director.

Now retired from the ‘rat race’, Tony has consulted with some of the largest blue-chip international corporations and government organisations in Australia. Today he presents regularly at seminars and investor networking groups, and his highly acclaimed negotiation workshops for property investors are not to be missed!
Lynn BuckinghamLynn
Buckingham The other half (some would say the ‘better half’) of the Buckingham investing duo, Lynn has similarly extensive experience across multiple properties and varied strategies, including residential and commercial rentals, renovations, subdivisions and developments.

As an active investor and a mother of two young children, Lynn understands the time management challenges faced by investors seeking to balance investing and and family life, and brings a passion for hands-on projects as well as a refreshing female perspective to property investing as a Mentor in the RESULTS Mentoring Program.
Leon MadiganLeon Madigan A property development veteran with over 40 years experience, Leon’s expertise is unrivalled in this field… having built houses, units, apartment buildings, office blocks, underground mines (yes – mines!), hydropower dams, and everything in between! Whether you’re trying your hand at your first single house development or a 100-office skyscraper, it’s unlikely you’ll ever face a property development question that Leon doesn’t know the answer to!

Leon’s wealth of knowledge is available at no additional cost, exclusively to members of the RESULTS Mentoring Program.
In addition to personal 1-on-1 mentoring from the core RESULTS team, you’ll be supported by many other experts across the course of the program. You’ll have access to our own trusted accountants, financiers, building inspectors and other specialists. Plus you’ll learn insider tips from other special guest advisors on webinars and at members-only power networking events!
“I would never have achieved the results I have without these guys! Brendan is so supportive – he just makes you feel anything is possible. I can’t recommend the team highly enough – they never make you feel any question is too silly to ask and are always 100% committed to us. The RESULTS team rocks!”
– Jane Lees (NSW)
“Simon helped me identify the perfect time to sell a property, resulting in a profit of $140,000 in 12 months for minimal input from me. The RESULTS mentors encourage, support, inspire and educate me. I will be the best I can be personally and as an investor because of their input, and this allows me to educate and inspire my children to greatness.”
– Jodie Nyberg (VIC)
“Lynn has been a fantastic mentor. She is always available when I need encouraging, help or to be pointed in the right direction. I have learnt so much over the past few years and will continue to be involved with RESULTS for years to come. The combination of mentoring, networking and resources is well worth the investment to be part of it.”
– Wendy Gatsby (NSW)
“I would never have had the confidence to complete the large deals we have done without the support of my RESULTS mentor. Thank you!”
– Tracey Bell (TAS)

star_14 Powerful And Personalised Property Market Research!
Know WHERE to invest – with exclusive personalised research on the best suburbs to invest in for rapid capital growth that fit your budget and your needs, prepared just for you by Australia’s leading independent property market researcher, John Lindeman, using the most advanced property market forecasting techniques available.
John’s predictions on market direction for individual suburbs have been shown to be over 90% accurate, and as a RESULTS Member this powerful market analysis is available to you!
John LindemanJohn Lindeman John Lindeman is the property market researcher that property experts go to for all their housing market insights.

John is chief property consultant at innovative housing market analysts, Property Power Partners and a popular and respected author, commentator and presenter on the nature and dynamics of the Australian residential property market. He writes a monthly column on housing market research in Australian Property Investor magazine and John’s years of successful investment experience and professional research into the housing market are distilled in his landmark publication, Mastering the Australian Housing Market.

With many years of professional experience researching the Australian housing market with major data analysts and providers, John’s extensive property knowledge is complemented by around 40 years’ experience as a successful property investor.

As a RESULTS member you can call on John’s unrivalled market knowledge for your own personalised report identifying the best places to invest for rapid capital growth that meet your own criteria for location and budget!

This exclusive personal analysis is simply not available outside the RESULTS Mentoring Program!

PLUS – you’ll get a head-start advantage over other investors, with insider insights on emerging boom suburbs provided exclusively to RESULTS Members by John Lindeman… months ahead of the general public!
star_14 The Power of the RESULTS Sustainable Property Investing System!
The vast majority of investors never own more than one or two properties.
Most investors have been taught to use negative gearing and a long term ‘buy, hold and hope’ strategy that often relies on risky guesswork and ‘gut feel’ when selecting investment areas and properties. The result is frequently a limited portfolio that under-performs, and leaves most investors up against a financial brick wall…stopping them from moving forward.
If you want to achieve a different outcome to the majority, and create a multi-property portfolio delivering enough income to retire from your job in just a handful of years, then it makes sense that you’ll need to use a very different approach to most investors.
You’ll need a sustainable investing system that enables you to outperform the majority, and that allows you to invest in multiple properties without running out of borrowing capacity or money for the deposit on your next deal.
Amazing Fact!

Over the last 6 years, RESULTS members
bought property worth over $276,034,488 (at cost)

Created by highly experienced successful property investors who’ve completed many dozens of property deals, the RESULTS System is designed to provide the necessary sustainable investing approach – one that:
Significantly reduces risk
– by using research and analysis to ensure profit outcomes are predictable, rather than relying on guesswork

Builds-in profits at the outset, rather than waiting years for an uncertain outcome
– by “working the numbers” and using advanced negotiating techniques that get tens of thousands off purchase prices

Outperforms by amplifying profits
– by using science – not guesswork – to select suburbs with the best potential for rapid capital growth

Enables sustainable investing
– by using techniques to ensure you’re never held back by a lack of investment capitalor borrowing capacity .

Carolyn describes how she and husband Bill went from owning just
1 house to buying 16 properties since joining RESULTS!

RESULTS is about equipping you for life as a successful and elite investor.
Throughout the program you’ll be exposed to advanced investing concepts that will open your eyes to new opportunities and new ways to invest that the professionals use to dramatically improve the profitability of their investing.
“I’ve resigned from my job and am now a full time investor/developer. Life is good, I don’t miss my old work! My mindset has shifted considerably on what is possible and I now just look at how I can make things happen.

I remember you guys saying that if I get right into this, my circle of associates will change – and it has! I now seek out and associate with like-minded ‘can-do’ people. I’d never have believed when I sent you that dream document some time ago about what I wanted for my family, that I would have achieved nearly everything in a few months!
– Jason C. (VIC)

star_14 The Most Powerful “How To” Information Available!
Know HOW to invest, with over a thousand pages of detailed written materials, plus CDs, DVDs and access to over 200 hours of additional recordings on practically every property investing subject you can think of!
Our members (many of whom have done other property programs before discovering RESULTS) and tell us that nothing else comes close to the breadth and depth of property knowledge that they’ve gained through the RESULTS Mentoring Program.
You’ll learn the ‘how to’ of:
Positive Cash Flow property investing (yes, you CAN still find positive cash flow deals in today’s property market… we’ll teach you how and where to look!)

Renovating for profit

Subdivision (it’s easier than you might think – if you know what you’re doing!)

Property Development

Commercial Property Deals

Overseas Property Investing

…and much more. All with support from experienced investors who’ve done it before and who are available to answer any questions you have!
We work 1-on-1 with you to help you determine the property investing strategies that you’ll pursue to achieve your financial goals. Then we tailor your mentoring so that you get the information and know-how to apply your chosen strategies!
“I am pleased to advise that since joining as an ‘early-bird’ 2 weeks ago, that the course has already paid for itself! Following one conversation with RESULTS Coach Lynn and a gem of wisdom she offered, mixed with actioning the webinar items I have found that the heavily negatively geared property that I have been holding for 3 years is showing strong potential as a cosmetic renovation project.”
– Amanda Obara (QLD)

star_14 The Power Of Being Surrounded By Like-Minded Investors!
Do you know the story of the ugly duckling? It’s where a baby swan is ‘born’ into a family of ducks and then teased for looking different.
We see the same thing all the time with investors who are trying to become financially independent only to be undermined by family and friends who’d prefer to see them wallow in jobs and spend weekends dreaming and drinking.
Here’s a newsflash: it’s okay to aspire to a better life. In fact, you’re not alone! Forget the ducks… come and feel right at home with the swans and hang out with like minded investors who all share the same vision of financial freedom.
Attend exclusive ‘Power Networking’ events where you can expand your network of like-minded investors while also learning together and sharing fun times

Build relationships with other investors in the RESULTS program with whom you can form lasting friendships and create business partnerships.
See and learn from Real Deals others in the program are doing, and attend workshops with experts on specialised investing topics.

“I’ve ALREADY got my money’s worth from RESULTS in just 2 short months. The people I have met and the friendships I’ve formed are priceless. If I happened to walk away without even speaking to my Mentors once, I still would have got value for money. I am so proud and touched to be part of this Program because of the people running it, and the people in it.”
– Keira Valentine (NSW)
Australia’s Most Comprehensive Property Program!

In addition to unrivalled 1-on-1 personal mentoring, RESULTS incorporates a Comprehensive Structured 12-Month Training Program designed to rapidly build a solid skill-base for your property investing, and then step you through increasingly complex strategies, so that you come away a vastly more sophisticated investor who is able to adapt and profit from deals in any market.
You’ll receive an incredible depth of practical knowledge to dramatically boost your property investing prowess through:
An Initial 4-Week KickStart! Program

Including detailed written notes and 4 audio CDs, with practical weekly webinars to establish your realistic property investing goals, confirm your current financial baseline, establish critical financial disciplines, build momentum and get you out into the field looking at property!

Six Extensive and Comprehensive Reference Manuals

Six extensive volumes complete with hundreds of pages of written notes plus multiple audio CDs explaining in detail the ‘how to’ of property investing and showcasing real world deals. You’ll work through these volumes across the year, each building on the last to take your property knowledge to dizzying new heights!

RESULTS is an action-oriented training program – with the emphasis on ACTION! This isn’t an armchair home-study course for theorists, but a tailored program designed with one purpose in mind: To get you taking action and moving your property investing forward, with specific activities that ensure you cement your learning by applying it in the field.

Each of the six RESULTS Volumes contains 4 key sections:

‘Personal Development’ – helping you build the personal habits and relationship building skills that are essential for sustainable property investing success!

‘Financial Expertise’ – giving you insider insights into how residential and commercial property finance works, and how to get the banks to say ‘Yes!’

‘Education & Strategy’ – step-by-step guidance on the research and analysis required to tell great deals from duds, how to crunch the numbers and perform a ‘feasibility study’ on potential deals, and detailed ‘how to’ techniques that will equip you with the skills to tackle a broad range of profit-making property strategies, including:

– Positive Cash Flow Rentals
– Creative Cash Flow Deals
– Vendor Finance
– Lease Options
– Carrybacks (Deposit Finance)
– Renovations
– Land Subdivisions
– Strata Subdivisions
– Property Development
– Commercial Property
– Overseas Investing

… and much more. Plus, with the support of your 1-on-1 Property Mentor, you’ll have the help you need ‘on call’ to deal with questions and issues as you apply your chosen strategies in the field!

‘Real Deals’ – Work through detailed case studies showcasing how real property deals are put together, so that you understand how the numbers work and can apply the lessons to your own investing.

And that’s not all! You’ll also learn how to question real estate agents effectively so that you can get them bringing you great deals before they hit the market; discover how to critically assess a property’s performance and take action to optimise the profitability of your portfolio; plus gain practical tips on finding deals, overcoming issues, and maximising profits!
Exclusive Full-Day Power Learning & Networking Events

Surround yourself with positive, like-minded investors at exclusive full-day quarterly networking events, where we’ll come together as a group to meet, share ideas, see and learn from the deals RESULTS members are currently doing, discuss property market trends, and further enhance your skills through interactive workshops with specialist experts!

“I’ve joint-ventured with another member and we were able to put together a great deal on an overseas property. This would never have happened without RESULTS.”
– Jodie Nyberg (VIC)

Regular Live Webinars and On-line Market Updates

At least once a month, and often more frequently you’ll attend a live ‘webinar’ update on line, where you’ll receive our latest insights on property trends, what works (and what doesn’t) in today’s market, plus education on property investing strategies, practical tips, and insider information on the deals we’re doing right now!

Powerful Tools and Templates to Accelerate Your Investing!

As a RESULTS member, you’ll have unrestricted access to a range of unique and powerful tools and templates for optimising portfolio performance, analysing deals, and writing winning offers! These are the same tools and templates that we’ve designed to use in our own investing, and are simply not available anywhere else. And whenever we make a change or create a new template for our own use, you’ll get it too!

At your fingertips you’ll find detailed feasibility spreadsheets for assessing potential property developments, subdivisions, renovations, positive cash flow properties and even combination deals! Use exclusive tools to identify opportunities and roadblocks within your existing property portfolio. Design market-beating ads to help sell or rent your properties faster and for more money. Use exclusive checklists to interview agents and property managers more effectively… and so much more!
“I wouldn’t do anything without the deal analysis templates. I also take my template into meetings with Real Estate Agents and I’m always taken seriously because of it.”
– Jodie Nyberg (VIC)

Over 200+ Hours of Exclusive Property Webcasts

From day one you’ll have unfettered access to a vast audio library containing an ‘all-you-can-eat buffet’ of valuable tips, insights and training on practically every aspect of property investing you can imagine (and many you might never have considered).
“The webinar archives offer a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of property investing – Invaluable!”
– Adam Barry (WA)

With far more available than we could possibly list on this page, here’s just a small sample of the property investing gold that you can access at the touch of a button…

Secrets to finding profitable deals.
How to analyse areas to decide where you should invest for maximum returns.
Tips for budgeting renovation projects.
How to manage a property development without losing sleep.
Techniques to help you sell your property faster and for more money.
The profits and pitfalls of investing overseas.
How the property finance landscape has changed this year and what you need to do about it
Using commercial property the right way to generate cash flow AND substantial equity growth.
How to split-up and sell-off a multi-family building for stacks more than you bought it for.
The missing piece of the subdivision puzzle… if you don’t understand this often overlooked part of the process, it could cost you thousands in unexpected expenses!
Property Options – the truth about how you can ‘buy a property for a dollar’!
Master negotiation techniques than can save you thousands when you buy, or make you thousands more when you sell!
Proven systems for finding money partners and joint-venture partners to accelerate your investing or take on bigger deals.
… and much more – over 200+ hours of exclusive property investing insights available to RESULTS members only!
Unrestricted access to the RESULTS Members-Only Website

24×7 access to the dedicated RESULTS forums to share ideas, network and get peer support from your fellow members. Plus the RESULTS Deal Log, where you can see, learn from, and ask questions about the hundreds of property deals across multiple strategies that other members have done and are doing right now!

“The resources are so vast, covering everything you could possibly need to know. The forum with other members is also invaluable.”
– Jacinda Jones (VIC)
2014 RESULTS Mentoring Program – Enrolments Opening Soon
Call NOW on (03) 9890 5600
Amazing Value!

Here’s a list of what RESULTS offers and a realistic market value:

‘Realistic Market Value’
Hand Picked Expert 1-on-1 Property Mentor
Profit from the assistance of a hand-picked expert property Mentor who is available to personally assist you with your real estate investing for a whole 12 months. Gain support, get confidential help with analysing property deals, overcome obstacles, tap into the knowledge of an experienced investor and take your investing to the next level!
Personalised Area Research – Exclusive to RESULTS
Take the guesswork out of selecting your next investing area with your own personal research report prepared exclusively for you by Australia’s leading independent property market analyst, John Lindeman.
Know the best places to invest, with comprehensive analysis of up to 20 suburbs showing the highest capital growth potential based on your budget, and your preferences for location.

Reduce risks by avoiding suburbs that are set to fall in value, and amplify your profits by investing in areas with the best prospects for short term growth!

This extremely valuable personalised research from one of Australia’s most respected analysts is provided exclusively to RESULTS members and is simply not available anywhere else!
Four RESULTS Members-Only ‘Power Networking’ Events
Attend four full-day RESULTS members-only power learning and networking events. Meet and network with like-minded investors, attend specialised workshops with guest experts and advisors, see and learn from real property deals that others are doing in the current market.
Regular Web Broadcasts and Property Market Updates
Join in monthly webinars to stay right up-to-the-minute with the latest events ad trends in the property market. Hear guest experts and gain new insights about how to profit from everyday investing tips. Listen to live interviews with investors, real estate agents, financiers and more. Call in and ask questions during ‘live’ talk-back!

Exclusive & Powerful Mentoring Templates
Access to 30+ exclusive RESULTS Mentoring tools and templates for analysing deal feasibility and managing investment performance. These purpose-built templates are the same ones we use in our own investing, and are simply not available anywhere outside the RESULTS Mentoring Program.
RESULTS KickStart! Pack, including:
Four-week intensive home-study course designed to provide a foundation for a lifetime of property investing success. Includes comprehensive printed material, 4 audio CDs and many bonus resources. It’s a perfect start and answers many questions.
Comprehensive Course Materials
Six detailed ‘Course Volumes’ designed to improve your property investing ability and give you detailed ‘how to’ information on multiple property investing strategies – from positive cash flow, to renovations, subdivision, property development, commercial property and even overseas investing! Includes audio CDs and hundreds of pages of written notes with detailed analysis of real property deals and specific insights that you can apply to your own property investing.
Over 200 Hours of Recorded Investing Insights
Access to 200+ hours of timeless interviews and discussions on a huge range of property investing topics and strategies. Find solutions to common problems and new inspiration to boost your success.
Other Member Privileges
Including access to the members-only website and community, exclusive forum and chat area, the RESULTS ‘Real Deal’ logs with over 5 years of property deals recorded by members, access to special resources, updates, email alerts and more.
‘Total Realistic Value’
General Discount
2014 RESULTS Mentoring Program Base Price
* This is the full price for those who are unable to take advantage of any further savings.
If you we’re to buy each component separately, you’d pay over $40,000! And there are other property programs out there which will charge you $20K, $30k or even $40k… but don’t deliver half as much as RESULTS.
Let’s put the cost in perspective…
How much would you spend on a University or TAFE qualification, that won’t make you anywhere near what you could make through property investing? If you plan to use property investing to replace your income – then don’t skimp on your property education!
How much would you spend on Stamp Duty in a single property deal? The cost of 12 months learning from Australia’s best property mentors pales in comparison!
What would a single consultant like an architect or surveyor charge you for just a few hours of their time on a single property project? In the cost of the RESULTS Mentoring Program you’ll get a whole year of access to multiple property experts, including the highly experienced RESULTS Mentors and property development guru Leon Madigan!
A single novice mistake in a property deal could cost you tens of thousands of dollars! How valuable then is having an experienced property mentor ‘on-call’ to help you run through potential deals before you put at risk tens or even hundreds of thousands in a property investment. The cost of ignorance is far greater than the cost of quality education and support.
How much could you make in a single deal, done right? Just read some of the testimonials on this page to see what others have made with the help of RESULTS. Frankly, if your next property deal isn’t going to make you several times the cost of joining RESULTS, you shouldn’t be doing the deal!
And if you don’t know how much your next property deal will make… if you don’t know how to tell whether a property deal will turn a real profit, or is a costly loss-making dud… then investing in 1-on-1 mentoring from those who’ve done it all before isn’t just recommended – it’s essential!
Really, at this price, we’re confident that by doing one successful property deal, or avoiding a costly property investing mistake using just some of the knowledge available to you in the RESULTS Mentoring Program, you should well and truly make back many times the cost of joining! We back our ability, will you back yours?

Emma reveals how RESULTS helped her turn a burnt-out house into
a $54,000 profit in just 6 months!
Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Provided you apply yourself diligently to the full 12-month RESULTS Mentoring Program,
if upon completing the Program you do not feel your property investing knowledge, skill
and confidence has substantially improved, then we’ll give you your money back!
“I too was concerned about the hard earned money I spent to join, but now that I have been here for a couple of years, I kick myself that I did not do it earlier.

It is just so good to be among similar thinking people, working together, helping each other, all the sharing, caring and support is awesome.”
– Gerard Melder (VIC)

3-Day Cooling Off Period

Please read the full Terms and Conditions for cancellation and refund policies. To provide you with enough time to read and understand those terms and conditions, you may withdraw from the Program within 3 days of enrolling without incurring any financial penalty.
Secure your place today with confidence!
“You guys have put together an amazing Program. The information, follow up, templates and folder documentation is invaluable and relevant for property investing across the board and not just for the current times. The folder information alone is worth every cent of the Program cost.
Many times I felt like giving up as life, family and problems getting our big deal over the line seemed all too hard and I just didn’t want to know about anybody or anything. At these times I would get onto the message board and would soon find someone who had a great deal work out for them or someone who was also going through a rough patch. This made me wake up to myself and find renewed energy to get moving again. I have come out of this Program with a far greater knowledge base, confidence to investigate and speak up if I am not happy with something, and a great result to a deal that I would have given up on if not for the help and support of Leon.
Best of all I have come to know what thoroughly decent guys you are and thank you all for a very enlightening year.”
– Judith Ottosen (WA)
Here’s What Our Members Say About RESULTS…

Final Words

If you want to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities in today’s property market, with 1-on-1 mentoring from Australia’s Best Property Mentors, then don’t hesitate!

“The opportunity to be in the RESULTS program has given me much more than I anticipated. My property portfolio is still growing, and because of the profits I have been able to claim my financial freedom to be able to focus on developing other interests.
The opportunity to mingle with like-minded people and network is awesome! The greatest benefit of all is the way the system is set up. You work through the course mostly in your own time and at your own pace. I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to learn flexible strategies relevant to an ever-changing market and of course for the people you meet!”
– Katie Joy (WA)
It’s easy to secure your place in the 2014 RESULTS Mentoring Program. Simply select your preferred payment option using the secure on-line facility below, or call the office on 03 9890 5600 (business hours) if you’d prefer to enrol over the phone.
If you have a question, need clarification, or would like to check whether RESULTS is right for you, then please click here to request a no-obligation call-back and we’ll be in touch to work out how we can best answer your questions.
Will you look back a year from now and wonder what might have been? Or seize the opportunity right in front of you, to change your life now.
Don’t wait another moment. Begin your journey to financial freedom today!
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