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World Class Kettlebell and Strength & Conditioning instructor, Steve Cotter

Steve Cotter - Body Weight Encyclopedia (Vol.3 Core Workout)

Steve Cotter – Body Weight Encyclopedia (Vol.3 Core Workout)

Check it out: Steve Cotter – Body Weight Encyclopedia (Vol.3 Core Workout)

, will take your strength training to another level with the all new Encyclopedia of Bodyweight Conditioning! This incredible DVD instructional series contains 161 exercises, making it the largest and most complete instructional project ever created on bodyweight conditioning. Steve teaches in precise detail how to properly perform each exercise. Each technique focuses on one of three important body categories: upper body, lower body, and core. These amazing techniques will show you how to create the ultimate strength and conditioning workout, using only your body! Bodyweight conditioning is the newest and most effective fitness craze yet! It allows you to create a powerful and strong physic, without the strain that dumbbells and weights create. Take your workouts and physique to a new level with this new and exciting DVD series!

VOLUME 3: Core Workout

1. Abdominal Crunch
2. Crossover Crunch
3. Alternating Elbow to Knee
4. 90 Degree Crunch
5. Bicycle Kicks 1
6. Bicycle Kicks 2
7. Lateral Reach Under
8. Feet to Ceiling 1
9. Feet to Ceiling 2
10. Toe Touches
11. Twisting Knee to Floor
12. Lateral leg Raises
13. Leg Raises
14. Circular Leg Raises
15. Isometric Leg Raises
16. Scissor Kick
17. Lateral Scissor Kicks
18. Jackknife 1
19. Jackknife 2
20. Jackknife 3
21. Alternating Knee to Chest
22. Double Knee to Chest
23. Lateral Sit-ups
24. Low Lateral Leg Raise
25. Upper/Lower Lateral Raise
26. Lateral Plank
27. Side Plank
28. V-Sit
29. Front Plank
30. L-Sit
31. Abs Slide
32. Standing Abs Slide
33. Cherry Picks
34. Upside Down Jackknife
35. Trunk Hyper Extension
36. Reverse Hyper Extension
37. Superman
38. Contralateral Hyper Extensions
39. Arms Under Single Leg Raise
40. Arms Under Double Leg Raise
41. Ankles and Arch
42. Rear Arch
43. Scorpion
RUNNING TIME: 98 minutes

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Steve Cotter - Body Weight Encyclopedia (Vol.3 Core Workout)

Steve Cotter - Body Weight Encyclopedia