Stephan Kesting – Grappling Drills

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Lateral Hip Movement – how many times have you heard the phrase “move your hips” in BJJ

Stephan Kesting - Grappling Drills

Stephan Kesting – Grappling Drills

Check it out: Stephan Kesting – Grappling Drills

How Grappling Drills Can Help You

This video was designed to help people frustrated with their rate of grappling progress. If you have ever felt that your workouts could be more productive, but didn’t know how to do it, then Grappling Drills is part of the solution.

Grappling movements can be complex and difficult. Grappling requires you to use every part of your body, but often your limbs are actually doing different things: your foot might be stepping, one hand pushing, the other hand pulling, your body twisting, all at the same time. This can make even fundamental techniques like escapes, submissions, and guard passes tricky to learn.

Mastery of complex movements requires repetition. The exercises in Grappling Drills make it easy get the repetition you need. Use this DVD and before you know it you will have executed hundreds of repetitions of the most critical and important grappling techniques.

Grappling Drills Contains 83 Drills in 5 Sections

  1. Lateral Hip Movement – how many times have you heard the phrase “move your hips” in BJJ? Side-to-side hip movement is critical for guard work and escaping bad positions. These are the best drills to develop exactly that type of movement
  2. Bridging and Sprawling – forwards and backwards hip movement is just as important as lateral hip movement, but is often overlooked. Turbo-charge your escapes, submissions and throws by making your bridging and sprawling powerful and instinctive
  3. Guard Development – the guard is the most complicated position in all of grappling. The drills in this section can make instinctive movements that advanced guard players do instinctively.
  4. Submission Development – submissions are the most exciting aspect of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Submission Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts, but they require repetition just like all other techniques. Here are methods to make repetition fun and easy.
  5. Other Drills – this section includes drills to improve guard passing, scrambling, mobility on the mats and more.

Applicable to both Gi and No-gi Grapplers! All the exercises on the DVD can be performed with and without the gi. Two of the 83 exercises on the DVD are a little easier to do with a partner who is wearing a gi, BUT even these can still be done by no-gi players.

Solo and partner drills: sometimes you have a training partner, sometimes you don’t. Now you can continue to improve under both conditions.

Full DVD Menus: your time is important, so we have included full DVD menus to allow you to get to the section and specific exercises you need as fast as possible.

This DVD was filmed mostly under studio conditions, but additional footage from grappling classes has been included to show how these drills can be incorporated into:

  • warmups
  • conditioning sessions
  • skill development exercises
  • cooldown / finishing exercises

The target audience for this DVD includes:

  • Beginners (white belt level) who want to lay a solid foundation of movement and technique to improve quickly.
  • Intermediates (blue belt level) who want to continue refining their game and make intuitive the techniques and adjustments that advanced players take for granted.
  • Teachers and coaches who want new and effective ways to keep a student motivated and improving

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Stephan Kesting - Grappling Drills

Stephan Kesting - Grappling Drills

$15.00$34.00 (-56%)

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