Rachel Paul – SEO Basics

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User Experience: B. Contentment – Time on Website: Add Links to Your Website

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Rachel Paul - SEO Basics

Rachel Paul – SEO Basics

Check it out: Rachel Paul – SEO Basics

SEO Basics

Only what you NEED to know to get more views to your website

Learn how to skyrocket the number of page views on your website

without spending 20 hours writing 5000 word blog posts (seriously, who has time for that??) and

without hiring an SEO expert for thousands of dollars




I know search engine optimization can seem intimidating… but I promise it does NOT have to be

In this course, I’ll teach you ONLY what you need to know to super-boost your SEO





Let’s look more closely at what’s included

An overview of SEO so you know what’s coming!


How to create a good user experience – how to set up your website so the layout is clean and aesthetically pleasing, how to find and use keywords, and how to increase the speed of your website.


Increasing traffic (number of views) to your website is very helpful for ranking on search engines. We’ll explore how to do so through social media.


When other websites view you as a credible source, your website will be viewed by search engines as more credible. Learn how to get your website URL on others’ pages.



Final tips & tricks – utilize all the pages on your website to the best of their ability!



Here’s a closer look at the curriculum!

Course Curriculum


SEO: An Overview
  • Welcome!

  • SEO: An Overview (3:14)

  • Need Help? (1:04)

Module 1. User Experience
  • User Experience Overview (0:48)

  • User Experience: A. Keywords – Overview (6:45)

  • User Experience: A. Keywords – Finding Keywords (4:35)

  • User Experience – A. Keywords – Finding Keywords Cont. (0:48)

  • User Experience: A. Keywords – Writing Your Blog Posts (3:34)

  • Side Note: URL – to Reiterate

  • User Experience: B. Contentment – Overview (0:46)

  • User Experience: B. Contentment – Niching Down (4:54)

  • Side Note: Blogging Tips (4:06)

  • Side Note: Connect with Others in Your Niche!

  • Side Note: Re-Publishing Your Blog Posts Throughout the Year (2:17)

  • User Experience: B. Contentment – After Your Key Blog Posts (2:14)

  • Side Note: Gift Guides Blog Post (2:01)

  • Side Note: Amazon Influencer Page vs. Your Own Products Page (1:13)

  • User Experience: B. Contentment – Website Navigation (1:31)

  • User Experience: B. Contentment – Look & Layout (4:33)

  • User Experience: B. Contentment – Time on Website (4:04)

  • User Experience: B. Contentment – Time on Website: Add Links to Your Website

Module 2.1 Number of Views
  • Number of Views (6:42)

  • Guest Blogging – Facebook Groups (1:14)

  • Number of Views – Secret Hack (1:10)

  • Google Analytics (2:23)


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Rachel Paul - SEO Basics

Rachel Paul - SEO Basics

$35.00$97.00 (-64%)

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