Paul – eBay Drop shipping Titans 2018

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Are you tired of working at a boring 9-5 job that doesn’t pay you enough or give you the freedom to enjoy your life?


Paul – eBay Drop shipping Titans 2018

Paul - eBay Drop shipping Titans 2018

Check it out: Paul – eBay Drop shipping Titans 2018

Dropshipping Titans
Learn the life-changing step-by-step dropshipping system that has helped hundreds of people just like you earn a full time income online with no inventory!

Learn to Create a Profitable Dropshipping Business from a Professional Seller that has Sold Over A Million Dollars on eBay!!

Are you tired of working at a boring 9-5 job that doesn’t pay you enough or give you the freedom to enjoy your life?

Do you spend your days doing something that you don’t enjoy, just to make somebody else wealthy?

Dropshipping Titans offers you the incredible opportunity to transform your life into one that you can truly enjoy, no matter what your eBay selling experience is!

What Is eBay Dropshipping?

eBay Dropshipping is a simple yet powerful business model that allows you to sell items without actually holding any inventory. This means that without any costly investment, you can open an eBay store that sells sought after items to buyers around the world!

First, you create your eBay listing for a product. Once it sells, you just go to an online retailer’s website (such as Amazon or Walmart), purchase it, and ship it directly to the buyer. You keep the difference in price, earning yourself a nice profit in the process!

Why eBay Dropshipping Works

People are too busy or simply do not know how to shop around to find the best prices online. So, they go directly to eBay, find your listing, then purchase the item from you.

Just like when you purchase a can of soda from a local store for $2 when the same can costs just $1 at the supermarket – you are paying extra for the convenience that it is already in front of you.

Sell From Anywhere in the World!

Since you do not have a physical store, handle the actual inventory or need to receive items from suppliers, you can become a successful eBay dropshipper no matter where you are!

All you need is your computer and an internet connection, then you can build your profitable dropshipping business and work from wherever you desire.

Created By a Dropshipping Expert

I’m Paul, your guide to becoming a successful eBay dropshipper. I have worked for years to develop proven strategies to create profitable and efficient dropshipping businesses. I’m also an attorney, YouTuber and business coach.

When I first started dropshipping, I struggled because I just didn’t know how to properly create a listing, find retailers or get buyers to my listings. But, I have perfected my methods and now you get to learn from the my countless hours of trial and error.

Yes, You Have Time!

Here’s a little secret: I built my million dollar eBay store during my lunch breaks! That’s right! I was working a regular 9 to 5 job just like you when I first started my dropshipping business. However, I spent a few hours everyday during my lunch break and evenings learning the secrets to building a successful store.

I’ve left the 9 to 5 life now to do dropshipping and to teach others full time. Now, I can enjoy all my free time and live the life I have always wanted by traveling, spending time with my family and saving for my future!

No Experience Needed!

Before I started dropshipping I had no clue what I was doing. Through countless months of trial and error, I perfected a system that has generated over a million dollars in sales for me! Now I want to share my experience with you so you can shortcut your success.

Learn to make money online ever if you’ve never done it before
Open your store even if you don’t have much money
Jump start you’re success if you already started but you’re stuck
Get started even if you don’t know how

I Am Committed To You!

I created Dropshipping Titans to help others just like you achieve the freedom that running a prosperous dropshipping operation allows. Maybe you feel trapped in a 9 to 5 job or you’re struggling to make ends meet. That is why I am dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals!

I’m not promising you a million dollars in a year, but I am promising to teach you valuable techniques that help you build a long-term and profitable dropshipping business!

If you’re ready to make your dream life a reality, then don’t waste another day imagining your success. Register for the Dropshipping Titans course now to begin your journey to operating a lucrative eBay dropshipping store!

Everything You Need To Become an eBay Dropshipping Expert!

When you become part of the Dropshipping Titans family, you receive a variety of industry-insider knowledge specially designed to make you a dropshipping machine!

Instant access to over 75 On-Demand Training Videos.
The most comprehensive eBay Dropshipping Training Course online today
10 full scale educational modules that take you step-by-step through the setup, operation and scaling of your very own eBay dropshipping store.

For a limited time, I am include 3 additional bonus packages for all new registrants:

Full access to the exclusive Titans Tribe Facebook Mastermind group. The community of over 600 students who support each other while they build their own eBay dropshipping stores.
Downloadable professional customer service scripts that you can use when responding to your eBay customers.
Advanced education modules to help you multiply your success are instantly available after you purchase the course.

Class Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction

Lesson 1.1 – Welcome!

Lesson 1.2 – What Is eBay Dropshipping?

Lesson 1.3 How to Be a Successful Dropshipping Titan!

Module 2 – Getting Setup

Lesson 2.1 Creating a New Email Account

Lesson 2.2 – Setting Up Your PayPal Account

Lesson 2.3 Setting Up Your eBay Store

Lesson 2.4 Business Polices

Lesson 2.5 Connect Your Paypal Account

Lesson 2.6 Site Preferences and Your Return Address

Lesson 2.7 – What to do if your site preferences look different (2:35)

Lesson 2.8 Add PayPal to your listings

Module 2 Action Tasks and Quiz

Module 3 – Finding Your First Items to List

Lesson 3.1 – What To Look For In A Supplier

Lesson 3.2 – Review of All The Suppliers I Have Tried

Product Research Formula Step 1 – Find other dropshippers

Product Research Formula Step 2 – Find items that are selling

Product Research Formula Step 3 – Find the item on your supplier’s website

Product Research Software

Module 3 Action Tasks + Quiz

Module 4 – Listing Your First Item!

Lesson 4.1 Setting Up Your Listing Software

Lesson 4.2 Setting Up Your Listing Software continued

Lesson 4.3 Final Setup Steps

Lesson 4.4 Listing Your First Item

Lesson 4.5 Listing Variations

Lesson 4.6 More Help with Title Optimization

Lesson 4.7 How To Edit Items You Already Listed

Old Course Videos – How to Use DSM Tool (2:10)

Bonus: Moving From DSM Tool to AutoDS

Module 4 Action Steps + Quiz

Module 5 – What You Need to Know Before Listing More Items!

Lesson 5.1 – PayPal Jail

Lesson 5.2 – Listing Limits

Lesson 5.3 – How to Call eBay for A Limit Increase (3:25)

Lesson 5.4 eBay Restrictions (MC011)

Lesson 5.5 – PayPal Verification

Lesson 5.6 eBay Fees and Upgrading to a Store

Module 5 Action Steps + Quiz

Module 6 – Processing Your First Order!

Lesson 6.1 Your First Sale!

Lesson 6.2 – Cash Back

Lesson 6.3 – Fulfilling Orders on Amazon!

Lesson 6.4 – Fulfilling Orders on Home Depot

Lesson 6.5 Placing Orders on Walmart

Lesson 6.6 Fulfilling GSP Orders

Lesson 6.7 Out Of Stock Issues

Lesson 6.8 What if the price increases?

Module 6 Actions Steps + Quiz

Module 7 – Customer Service

Lesson 7.1 – Uploading Tracking Numbers

Lesson 7.2 Customer Service 101 + Scripts

Lesson 7.3 Questions About Products

Lesson 7.4 Cancellations

Lesson 7.5 Item Not Received Case

Lesson 7.6 Returns

Lesson 7.7 Special GSP Consideration (3:55)

Lesson 7.8 What if My Buyer Sees The Source’s Invoice? (1:39)

Lesson 7.9 Feedback

Bonus Video- Remove Negative Feedback Live Call to eBay (3:27)

Module 7 Action Steps + Quiz

Module 8 – Increasing Your Profit and Sales Tax

Lesson 8.1 – Tricks to Increase Your Profit

Lesson 8.2 Free Shipping (1:57)

Lesson 8.3- Coupons (7:16)

Lesson 8.4 Sales Tax 101

Lesson 8.5 – Tax Exemption at Walmart

Lesson 8.6 Tax Exempt At Home Depot

Lesson 8.7 Tax Exempt on Amazon

Lesson 8.8 Collecting Sales Tax

Lesson 8.9 Sales Tax in Other States

Tips for International Students

Module 8 Actions Steps + Quiz

Module 9 – Keeping Things Organized

Lesson 9.1 Delete Underperforming Listings (2:35)

Lesson 9.2 Keeping Track of Profit

Lesson 9.3 Other Bookkeeping

Lesson 9.4 Organizing Buyers Information

Module 9 Actions Steps + Quiz

Module 10 – Advanced Topics

Competitive Pricing Strategy

ing a Second eBay Store (2:46)

How Many Listings Do You Need To Make $1k/month? (0:59)

What To Do If Sales Are Slow

More Tips if Your Sales Are Slow (12:12)

Experiment with Your Store (1:02)

Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) (8:30)

The First 6 Months Don’t Matter (1:07)

Exclusive Bonus Webinars

Price Protection Webinar

Can’t Place Home Depot Orders?

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Paul - eBay Drop shipping Titans 2018

Paul - eBay Drop shipping Titans 2018

$45.00$297.00 (-85%)

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