James and Joseph Bridges – Real Estate Lead Follow-up System

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As a real estate professional you already have 100’s of tasks to complete daily

James & Joseph Bridges - Real Estate Lead Follow-up System

James and Joseph Bridges – Real Estate Lead Follow-up System

Check it out: James and Joseph Bridges – Real Estate Lead Follow-up System

Unlock the Secret to the only “Recession Proof” System That Will Double Your Business in 90 Days

James & Joey Bridges

Let Joey and Jamey Show You How To
Generate 50 Leads a Month and Get 2+
sales every month with the
Lead System

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Imagine what it would be like to have highly qualified, motivated, and willing buyers who need to buy within the next 90 days beating down your door.

When you are ready to work with these buyers and you only want to work with those who are in your area we invite you to discover how you can be in the #1 place that buyers visit each and every day.

By the way we would like to suggest that you be in front of these buyers at the exact moment that is immediately prior to deciding who they are going to select to help them with their single largest purchase of their life.

There is a secret to being in front of buyers at the right place, at the right time, and for less than a cup of coffee . We would like to show you how when you are willing.

First how do you know this will even work? We know this system will work, and we are going to share with you, because we generate 300+ leads every single month for our real estate team and each month we close 6 or more transactions every month and the worse the market gets the more sales our team generates. In fact we have been doing that for the last 6 years and in the worst real estate market that anyone can remember our team had it’s best year ever.

The techniques that we would like to show you will allow you have a steady flow of leads that you can turn into closed sales monthly.

Discover A Simple Math Equation That Will Change How You Do Real Estate Forever

50 Leads + Follow-up = At Least 2 Sales Every Month

Generate leads, follow up with their requests, and sell at least 2 homes each and every month. You are going to learn how you can generate 50 leads + some easy follow-up and turn it into 2 closed sales each and every month in your market, for less than your competition, and without breaking your bank account.

The only way to generate at least 50 leads without spending big $$$ is to make sure that you appear where 85% of buyers start their search, on the Internet.

If you can show up exactly when and where your next buyer is looking at the exact moment that they need help you will have a client for the rest of your real estate career.

How Would You Feel If You Could Be Where Every Buyer Searches For Real Estate Help

The biggest search engine on the Internet is Google and buyers go to Google to find out information about the home buying process. So if you meet them on Google then you will have 90% of your competition beat.

Getting to the top of Google may sound tough but is easier than you think if you have a plan, a step by step system, and you know how to do it while spending less than your competition; especially the other agent across town who is willing to spend any amount of money to get more sales but doesn’t watch what they spend and won’t last long in a market like this.

We are going to show you how to get to the top of Google without breaking your bank account, without spending big $$$, and how to make sure you get leads every single day.

Get on Google Today

Get to the top of Google just like in the picture above without breaking the bank

If you have ever taken out a classified ad in any newspaper you can get on Google and start generating leads from real buyers who are looking for help.

You Probably Won’t Believe This, But You Don’t Even Have to Get a New Website to Make this Work

The great part about getting to the top of Google with our lead system is you don’t have to get a new website in order to make this system work. Just about any website will do. You will learn exactly where to point them to on the website that you already own resulting in leads almost immediately.

Your website is probably ready for this system. If you talk about any of the following on your website you are ready to go (even if you don’t in 5-10 minutes your website can be ready):

  • The neighborhood that people just absolutely have to buy in because it is what everyone would want and you work in that very area and are an expert.
  • You offer an MLS search on your website that allows a buyer to see ALL the homes that are available in your area regardless of who lists them.
  • You talk about the great buying programs that are offered in your area to help people purchase the home that they have always wanted.

Any of the above means your website is ready to go and it doesn’t matter where it is, how much you pay for it, or what your results with it have been in the past because this system isn’t dependent on what you did or didn’t do in the past.

How Would It Be If Every Time A Buyer Did a Search They Kept Finding You and Your Website

What would it be like if at the moment that a buyer was ready to find a real estate agent in your area they just kept finding you?

When a buyer is ready to take action they begin to search for everything and anything related to their ability to buy the home they want and the person that they want helping them.

When a buyer types in “your area real estate agent” they are looking for someone who can help them now. In the screen shot below see how result #1 is 1 of 1,020,000. To win the buyer you need to be #1 and it can be done with just about any website.

Get to The Top Of Google's Organic Results

Get to the top of Google’s organic results, get more leads, generate
more commissions in a shorter amount of time.

When buyers are searching for their next home or their first home they are spend time searching. They type in different phrases in Google, Yahoo, or MSN till they find what they are looking for.

For these buyers you have to be there every time that they search. If your website shows up in the search results every single time they type something in they will be calling you and say:

I just kept finding you on Google everytime I typed something in. You must be the expert in the area and I need your help.

We invite you to discover what it is like to be in front of the buyer at the moment they need you. The video below takes 5 minutes and 21 seconds and will show you exactly how to use the Quick Start SEO system to be at the top of Google for multiple search phrases.

Generate more buyer leads & more sales by being at the top of Google
for the exact phrases that buyers type to find who they will use.

Uncover How To Give Every Buyer Exactly What They Want Every Time Regardless of How they Came To Your Website

Give a buyer exactly what they want at the time they need it and they will be yours forever and they will be begging to refer their friends and family to you and no one else.

So how do you give them exactly what they want? There are 3 must follow rules to make sure every prospect that sees your ad gets what they want and to make sure they become the most loyal of buyers:

  1. Buyers on the Internet have a sneaking suspicision that they aren’t being shown everything from every single real estate agent on the Internet so they check multiple sites so you must tell them that they are seeing everything.
  2. How fast you respond to an request from the Internet can make the difference between thousands of dollars in your pocket and $0 and there are simple steps that you can take to make sure you respond faster than your competition without having to be tied to your phone.
  3. 24 hours a day 7 days a week a buyer is looking for someone to help them and they only want to look at what is of interest to them so show them ONLY what they want and nothing they don’t.

How can any buyer who gets what they want, when they want it, and how they want it not be a client for life? Simply put they can’t. They feel compelled to use you because you gave them exactly what they wanted. They are loyal to you because you answered all of their questions before they could even ask them.

Discover the Secret to Make Every Lead Someone Who is Ready to Buy Today

If someone isn’t ready to buy in the next 90 days don’t spend your time, effort, and money on them. Generate leads that are ready to take action and that meet the criteria of a highly motivated buyer.

A buyer that is ready to act today is someone who plans on purchasing a property in the next 90 days and is willing to do just about whatever it takes in order to make that happen. They aren’t some weekend warrior looking for a needle in a haystack they are focused on the goal of home ownership.

In the end every lead that you generate has to follow a set of criteria in order to be qualified to work with you (and the leads from Google will meet these critieria)

Leads have to meet the following criteria:

  • They have to be ready to work with you now or in the next 90 days so that you can pay the bills that you have coming in each and every day and month
  • They have to be qualified and only looking in the area that you want to work because you don’t want to be driving 100 miles or more for some deal that you might get that took 2 hours just to get to the front door.
  • They also have to be willing to follow your rules and come and speak with you first so that you know that they are serious and they aren’t just using you to open doors because their best friend is some unmotivated agent who is willing to let someone else do the work for them.

When you make every lead meet the above criteria you start closing more business because every lead you have is one that needs help and if you want more business you generate more leads, it is as simple as that.

Cathie Bagwell“I took your class last year and I’ve bought a couple of systems from you guys and I’ve taken advantage of your “tune up”. I have to tell you those things have helped me more than any other class or seminar I’ve taken. It’s the best practical information I’ve found, and a steal at the small amount I’ve paid for it.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.”

Cathie D. Bagwell

Dilbeck, GMAC Real Estate



We Would Like To Show You How To Be In Complete Control of Your Business Each and Every Month and Never Worry Again

When you want more business all you have to do is generate more leads. This sounds simple and it is the truth so let’s see how you can be in control of your destiny.

Emily Sumner wanted to be in control of her business and she wasn’t that technical. She decided that she just wanted to get business from her website and needed some help to do it. We invite you to take 37 seconds to hear how Emily’s put the lead system to work for her.

The more leads you have the easier your business becomes. You might be thinking that you don’t want all the headache of more leads because you will have that many more people to follow-up on. The secret is that the more leads you generate the easier it becomes to do more in less time because you can always give a few leads to a friend to do the work for you.

The graph below shows the number of leads to generate for commission dollars earned. Every 50 leads will lead to a minimum of 1 closed sale. In actuality there are referrals that you will receive that are located within every 50 leads so you can and will generate more commission dollars per 50 leads by following a simple method of “touching” each of the leads coming in to your system

There are two points you must know about the commissions you will generate off of these leads:

  1. Closing 2 sales from every 50 leads is really a minimum that you will get and you can actually close 3-4 sales for every 50 leads if you are willing to spend a few more minutes following up on every lead.
  2. This will work in any area of the country regardless of who is competing against you if you follow the way we will teach you. It doesn’t matter if you sell high end homes, first time homes, or investment properties the lead to closing number will hold true.

Leads to Commission Generated

Every 50 leads is at least 1 immediate sale
with the Real Estate Lead System

You are always in complete control of everything and you will always know the exact results that you are getting.

You are never locked into anything that you can’t control as well. If you want to go on vacation and stop generating leads you can. This is the only lead generation machine that you can turn on and off like water coming out of your faucet. If you want a flood of business all you have to do is turn up the faucet and if you want less business all you have to do is turn off the faucet.

All you have to do is decide on how many closings you want per month and we can show you exactly how to generate that many leads, simple as that.

We’d Like to Suggest That You Follow-up with Every Lead in Less than 7 Minutes (without running to your phone every time it rings)

Leads are great, appointments are great, commissions are better so how do you get more commissions without spending all of your time chasing the new leads that are coming in each and every day? The answer is simple, don’t spend too much time with a lead until they give you what you need and they are ready to meet with you.

Since the only leads that we want to work with are the highly motivated ones we have to make sure not to invest too much time but still make sure we find all of the highly motivated ones.

So every piece of follow-up that you send to the leads needs to:

  • Show them that you care about them and only them and you are focused on their goal of home ownership
  • Look like you are their only client even though you have many clients so they feel the personal touch that they want to in the home buying process
  • That you aren’t just out for a commission and care about how the entire process will go for them

All of these can be accomplished if the follow-up that you send to them is personalized or at least looks like you personally wrote each and every message that they receive.

How Would It Feel If You Could Make Every Lead That Contacted You Have An Amazing Experience Without Having to Personalize Everything

No one has time to write to 100’s of leads each and every month. You don’t have time to write something personal to them but you need to make sure it looks personal so that they are loyal to you and only you.

Whether you are leaving messages or writing e-mails they have to have that personal touch like you would write to your best friend or a great referral.

Successful e-mails that people respond to have a pattern to them, it can be replicated to nearly guarantee a response out of every e-mail that you write.

Each e-mail has to have the following criteria:

  • People want to know that they were being e-mailed by a real person and not some automated system and they need to know that people care about their needs and what they want.
  • They want to be involved in the process (sounds obvious but most agents overlook this and try and control everything too early in the process) of selecting their home, neighborhood, and price range.
  • They have to absolutely know that someone is going to be there to help them regardless of what time that they made their request and that the person knows what they were talking about.

The best way to make sure you get the most out of every single lead is a series of e-mails that give them all the information they are looking for and it is easy for them to pick up the phone and call you so you can do twice as much business off of the same number of leads.

This One Of A Kind Course Includes Everything You Need To Know To Master…Absolutely Master…The Art Of Buyer Lead Generation

Real Estate Lead System

…In The Shortest Time Possible.

Nothing has been left out.

You get the same personal lessons and systems that we use to instruct people one on one and yet you get it recorded and in print so you can play it back and read it when it is convenient for you.

You will discover how you will be the #1 choice for buyers to select each and every time and how you can choose who you want to work for.

We Would Like to Show You How To Generate Leads, Book More Appointments, & CLOSE more BusinessGoogle Adwords Generates Leads Daily

Advertising on Google with paid advertising is THE quickest way to generate a massive amount of leads quickly. In fact you can be generating leads with Google and our system in as little as 45 minutes.

Our real estate lead system gives you:

  • Sample ads that are ready for you to use in your area today and will get buyers to click on your ad for all the right reasons and will save you money.
  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to get set-up with Google pay per click and how to save money with Google (which they won’t tell you) so that you have a pay per click campaign that is optimized for generating high quality low cost leads.
  • The must follow rules of pay per click that will make the difference between you being successful with Google pay per click and going broke. These rules and guides will not be found on Google because they are secrets that they don’t really want you to know.

Google Adwords CDThis system can be used for pennies a day and is more affordable than classified ads in your local newspaper and more effective. You only pay for results with this system and you determine the number of leads that you want and what you pay to get each lead. Click Real Estate Lead System to see a sample of what is included in this guide.

We also include our Paid Lead Advertising CD that will give you over 40 minutes of tips, guidance, & strategies to make sure that your Google Adwords campaign generates you leads for the lowest possible price.

Unlock The Secret To Following Up With Every Real estate Lead In Minutes Every Day

Real Estate Follow-up System, Never guess on an e-mail againOnce you start generating leads with our Real Estate Lead system you will want to automatically follow-up and convert the leads you are generating without spending too much of your time on them.

We have designed a series of e-mails that get clients to respond to you, get them to contact you, and get them to ask you for help.

These e-mails are already written for you and you can copy and paste them into any contact manager system (such as Top Producer or Outlook).

Start using them today with leads that you are already receiving and on the new ones you will be receiving by putting in the real estate lead ad system that is included in the system.

Once you start generating more leads than you can respond to you will want to get leads to contact you so you aren’t following up on every single lead by hand.

The series of e-mails will not only give you templates that are already ready to use but you will be able to see how you can follow the e-mail templates to add even more e-mails to your follow-up.

Our e-mail templates will show you:

  • Why a short e-mail that has just the right information that the buyer is looking for is more powerful than 12 weeks worth of sending them listings that they asked for.
  • How you can ask a buyer a series of questions (that we already wrote for you) that compel them to write back to you with in-depth responses as to what exactly they are looking for in a property.
  • Why sending them back to your website and getting them to call you creates a level of trust in you that prevents them from even thinking about going to another agent to help them find a home.

If you don’t have the right subject lines to your e-mails you may never get your customer to open the great e-mail templates we have written for you. We solved that by writing subject lines to make sure that the next lead you get becomes your next customer. A few of the subject lines we have included for you are listed below.

Click Lead System Sample to see a sample of everything that is included in the follow-up system.

4 Fast Acting Subject Lines That Compel Prospects To Read What You Send Them

E-mail Subjects:

  • How can we further help you?
  • We are sorry to see you go
  • What kind of features are you looking for in a home?
  • Are there certain condo features you must have?

The e-mail subjects above are just a fraction of what you will receive in this 17 page follow-up system. We give you instructions on how to use the 12 custom e-mail templates and the order that we recommend sending it to your prospects as well.

The e-mails will get clients to not only write you back but call you for help when they are ready. These easy to use step-by-step systems will save you time, frustration, and deliver leads that are ready to work with you today.

Discover How To Get To The Top Of Google’s Organic Search Results & Generate Leads For Free

Quick Start SEO GuideIf you can be everywhere a buyer searches you are virtually guaranteed that they will find your website and put their real information into a form on your website so that you can help them find the home that is right for them.

Our Quick Start Real Estate SEO System will give you step by step instructions to get your website to the top of Google’s results regardless of the level of competition in your market.

This 20 page guide(See a sample of the system real estate seo system)will guide you to success on Google, Yahoo, & MSN. The guide will let you discover how to:

  • Use our 8 step page technique to make every page on your website friendly to Google and attractive to your future clients.
  • Develop powerful content for your websites using an 8 step page development technique that will allow you to create new content for your website in minutes instead of hours.
  • Have the power of a 20 point checklist that unlocks the secrets to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will have your website dominating the search engines.

“Unlock The Power Of Interest Piquing Updates For Facebook and Twitter And Get 2+ Transactions Monthly From Your Social Network”

As a real estate professional you already have 100’s of tasks to complete daily. You don’t have the time to waste a single minute in the day! Every minute is so valuable that when you add a new task, that new task better bring you results.

One of the tasks, that sadly many agents miss, is that of updating Facebook and Twitter. Sure, every time they get a listing they put that online but that doesn’t always make the phone ring. Getting those you are connected to (and for them to even refer you) to take action requires being different.

With countless updates hitting the news feed on Facebook and the stream on Twitter seemlingly always being updated it can seem overwhelming to come up with an attention grabbing update that gets attention and causes someone to take action.

The Power of Facebook Updates

Right After a Client Put Our Interest Piquing Updates Into
Action they Increased Interaction by more than 50%!

Although many real estate agents have started using Facebook and Twitter, only the select few get any business from it.

One of the MOST important aspects to staying connected and generating business from your friends on Facebook and Twitter is doing status updates DAILY.

Updating your status (where it says “what’s on your mind?”) allows those in your network to see what you are up to and get people into a conversation that leads to business!

After testing over 1,348 Updates throughout Facebook, we found that there were just over 10% that would result in “friends” into prospects. To help you cut through the painful testing, you will get an entier YEARS worth of Interest Piquing Updates. The only work you will have to do is “copy + paste” and you will have a powerful year of updates done and working hard for you.

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James and Joseph Bridges - Real Estate Lead Follow-up System

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