Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking the Back

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Understanding the differences between highball ride underhook vs overhook side

Gordon Ryan - Systematically Attacking the Back

Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking the Back

Check it out: Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking the Back

Gordon Ryan teaches every detail behind his signature submission system, including the rear naked strangle that he has used to submit some of the best on Earth.

  • Watch Gordon break down gym footage to talk you through the techniques and system in real-time.
  • Learn the back attack system developed together by Gordon and his coach, Professor John Danaher, to create Gordon’s one-of-a-kind combos of strangles, arm locks, triangles, and more.
  • Gordon is fresh off of ADCC 2019, where he won double gold and strangled five elite black belts with these exact details.
  • Gordon Ryan has used this system nearly exclusively the last few years, including dozens of submission wins as a black belt.
  • Know More. Win More.

Learn The Complete Submission System That Has Made Gordon Ryan The Most Feared Back Attacker Ever
3-Time ADCC Gold Medalist Gordon Ryan Teaches Every Detail Behind His Signature Submission Back Attacks – Including The Rear Naked Strangle He Has Mastered

What Will You Learn?
Gordon Ryan is standing on top of the no-gi grappling world, and he has done it with a relentless technical game with one crown jewel – the most effective back attack system ever. Now is your chance, over eight packed volumes, to learn all of the techniques and combinations that make up this groundbreaking submission system. Get all the major concepts and subtle details, including a real-time video breakdown of Gordon explaining his system in action at the gym.

Gordon’s back control has become his signature, and he has shown the rare ability to consistently finish fights there, even against really elite black belts. This is because of the strangling techniques that his coach, John Danaher, developed and Gordon has evolved with. Instead of being a carbon copy of his coach’s system, Gordon takes those principles and problems and finds his own unique hand fighting combinations that get him to strangles, arm locks, triangles, and more.

Go through every possibility as Gordon Ryan teaches you his entire system for back attacking, including finishing with the strangle and troubleshooting against escaping opponents. Gordon teaches the basic concepts, how things change depending on the side, and how to hand fight (and elbow fight) for dominant grips. These 8 volumes contain one of the most complete and effective modern submission games in no-gi grappling, and this is your chance to learn from “The King” himself.

In addition to seeing Gordon explain every technique and combination, see the system in action as Gordon does positional sparring and then breaks down the footage for you. Now you can see not just what Gordon is doing, but hear why he is doing it and what you can learn from the analytical mind of Gordon Ryan. Don’t just learn how to attack, see what is the best move for that moment and how to stay one step ahead with this live demonstration of the system.

So, What’s On This Series?

Part 1:

Exploiting the Body’s Asymmetry Introduction
Control Mechanisms
Importance of Diagonal Control
Underhook Side vs Overhook Side
Goal Setting Offensively
Goal Setting Offensively (Grip Fighting)
Goal Setting Defensively
Overview of Upper Body Grips
Introduction to Control On the Overhook Side
Recovering Bottom Hook (Long Hook)
Recovering Bottom Hook (Short Hook)
Countering a Complete Hip Escape

Part 2:

Utilizing Butterfly Hook When Opponent Clears Top Hook
Switching Off to High Ball Ride
Re-Inserting Hook From High Ball Ride
Overview of Escaping Head First on Over Hook Side
Understanding the Interface Between Underhook and Over Hook Side
Countering a Two on One Escape with a Claw Grip
The Kata Gatame Back Exposure Dilemma
Countering a Two on One with a Half Claw
Countering a Full Elbow Slip
Using an Arm Drag to Counter a Full Escape
Understanding the Rear Chest Lock
Re-Capturing Head Position Through Claw Grip Variation

Part 3:

Intro to undertook side
Opponent clears bottom hook
Re attacking with good head position
Reiterating the seated head and arm
Countering opponents elbow wedge
Introduction to opponent clearing top hooks
Using a butterfly hook to enter post rear mount
Understanding the differences between highball ride underhook vs overhook side
Using gripping strategies to counter opponents knee post
Countering successful knee post from highball ride
Countering when opponent successfully turtles

Part 4:

Introduction to escaping the under-hook side – upper body
Using far wrist to recover head positioning
Recovering head position when you loose the far wrist
Using a butterfly hook to reclaim head position
Recapturing the back via kimura
Understanding the value of cross body ride
Reclaiming the back from Cross body ride
Freestyle Guillotine from cross body ride
Hammerlock from cross body ride
Attacking the legs from a cross body ride

Part 5:

Explains offensive and defensive elbow pummeling
Extraction and reinsertion method to counter elbow pummel
Using a cross wrist to counter elbow pummels
What to do when opponent forces two strangle hands
Explaining the hip height problem/ theory of neck pummeling
Introduction to finishing from the back
Recapping under hook vs over-hook side
Straight wrist grips vs cross wrist grips
The dilemma between trapping the hands and attacking the neck
The inherent flaw of one on one grips
Proper head positioning while strangling
Multi-directional grip breaking
Ten finger grip break
How to properly lock a strangle
Using a finger walk to counter secondary hand interference
Countering secondary hand thumb line grab
Countering partners primary hand grab
Eliminating partners primary hand via leg trap
Two ways of trapping hands

Part 6:

Intro to attacking from the under-hook side
Using a single cross wrist grip to trap a hand
Single cross double cross dilemma
Strangle/double cross trilema
Using a inside wrist grip to trap a arm
Using a inside wrist grip to switch to a cross grip
Countering the secondary defensive hand with a opportunistic trap
Understanding top pummels
Using top pummels to acquire a double cross
Mindset behind finishing from the Under-hook side
Getting underneath the chin
Mandible strangle

Part 7:

Roll 1 with Giancarlo Commentary
Roll 2 with Placido Commentary
Roll 3 with Ben commentary
Roll 4 with Giancarlo commentary
Roll 5 with Placido commentary
Part 8:

Roll 1 with Giancarlo
Roll 2 with Placido
Roll 3 with Ben
Roll 4 with Giancarlo
Roll 5 with Placido

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Gordon Ryan - Systematically Attacking the Back

Gordon Ryan - Systematically Attacking the Back

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