Dream Manifesto – Choice of Forgiveness Course

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I have been where you are now. Your thoughts are spinning around and around and stuck on the same thing. You wake up in the morning and there you are – like a dog endlessly chasing its own tail.


Dream Manifesto – Choice Of Forgiveness Course

Dream Manifesto - Choice Of Forgiveness Course

Check it out: Dream Manifesto – Choice of Forgiveness Course

Are You Getting Swallowed Up by Your Own Bitterness and It’s Keeping You from Getting What You Really Want Out of Life?
You have the Choice of Forgiveness or You Can Choose to Allow Your Pain and Grief to Tear You Apart.

Dear Friend,

Sometimes it seems that other people’s missions in life are to tear you down, spoil your day, ruin your mood, or just make your life miserable.

I have been where you are now. Your thoughts are spinning around and around and stuck on the same thing. You wake up in the morning and there you are – like a dog endlessly chasing its own tail.

Those restless worries are the ugly byproducts of betrayal, aggression, insensitivity, and inconsiderate acts.

Do you hold grudges?
Do you harbor resentment towards someone?
Are there people you haven’t forgiven for something they did to you ten, fifteen, even twenty years ago?
Are you still beating yourself up about something you did that caused someone pain, suffering or harm?
Have you ever intentionally or unintentionally done something to another person that hurt or hindered them?
Have you just neglected to do something you felt, or others felt, you should have done?

These wounds can leave you with lasting feelings of anger, bitterness and even vengeance… especially if the insult or pain inflicted is caused by a dagger slammed right into your back by someone you love and trust.

I’ve been down that road. It’s not as easy to forgive and move on with your life when the wound is that deep. I’ll tell you about my own personal story in just a minute. Read on…

Your Hurt Will Keep Gnawing Until You Give in or Conquer It
No matter what you do you can’t get rid of the cloud of negative feelings that characterize such catastrophic events in your life. Whenever you start to let your guard down, they come back in full force; like face-to-face confrontations that never stop.

You can’t really concentrate on other things in your life – like family, work, health or even simple enjoyment – because your mind is stuck in a loop… clinging to the same old negativity.

Symptoms That Your Wounds Are Getting Deeper:

Dwelling on the events surrounding the offense
Hearing from others that you have a chip on your shoulder or that you’re wallowing in self-pity
Being avoided by family and friends because they don’t enjoy being around you
Having angry outbursts at the smallest perceived slights Often feeling misunderstood
Drinking excessively, smoking or using drugs to try to cope with your pain
Having symptoms of depression or anxiety
Being consumed by a desire for revenge or punishment
Automatically thinking the worst about people or situations
Regretting the loss of a valued relationship
Feeling like your life lacks meaning or purpose
Feeling at odds with your religious or spiritual beliefs

Studies from the “Campaign for Forgiveness Research” show that people who forgive are happier and healthier than those who hold resentments.

One study has shown that the positive benefit of forgiveness is similar whether it was based upon religious or secular counseling as opposed to a control group that received no forgiveness counseling.

Take the Forgiveness Test – Ask Yourself:

Do you wish you had a different childhood?
Do you think your education could have been better?
Are you angry about the tax burden imposed on you by the state?

    Are you upset about the recession?
Do you feel you do not deserve abundance and prosperity?
Do you feel distracted and have difficulties in focusing on things?
Do you feel you deserve more in life?
Are you unsatisfied with your work situation?
Are you unhappy in your relationships?
Are you frustrated about your financial situation?

If you answer one or more of these questions with yes, you need to practice forgiveness in your life!

Reclaim Your Power – Enjoy Life Again!
Forgiveness can lessen its grip on you and help you focus on other, positive parts of your life. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you deny the other person’s responsibility for hurting you, and it doesn’t minimize or justify the wrong. You can forgive the person without excusing the act. Free attention is the key to making deliberate life choices . . .

Now You Can Finally Move On With Your Life
Long periods of painful unhappiness can negatively impact your health and well being. It can actually cause serious illness. Perhaps even more important, it imprisons the greatest innate ability of your higher self – free attention. Without free attention you can not enjoy life!

The Choice of Forgiveness Program will teach you how the more free attention you have the more empowered you are, and the more power you can exert on daily life.

What The Choice of Forgiveness Program Will Do For You:

Release your anger and pain
Resolve almost any case of severe depression
Free up negative thoughts and emotional clutter
Bring back free attention so you can move on with your life
Help you heal almost instantly
Free you from alcohol or substance abuse
Increase your physical strength
Establish the ability for new relationships
Boost your immune system
Relief from depression and resentment
Increased focus and clarity when making new decisions
Bringing you back to your heart
Ending the cycle of self-punishment
Feel more alive, inspired and energized

If you have little or no free attention, life runs you. You do not have the ability to make conscious decisions. Your life is on auto-pilot. Your reactions are inflexible and predictable, and your choices are limited or nonexistent. Lack of free attention increases your chances of doing harm rather than good.

If you have abundant free attention, you run your life. Your decisions are consciously made, and you can build upon the positive choices and creations you bring to all your relationships, situations, and activities. Free attention is not reactionary at all; it is completely appropriate and responsive to the moment at hand.

Transforming Your Life from Despair to Radiant Happiness
Forgiveness means that you can change your old patterns of beliefs and actions that are driven by bitterness. As you let go of grudges, we’ll no longer define your live by how you’ve been hurt, and you may even find compassion and understanding.

Choice of Forgiveness brings you back into the flow of life . . .

Betrayed… I Thought I Would Never Trust Anyone Again
Several years ago, before I started my own business, I was working with a friend in Palo Alto. It was the golden age of Internet startups around the year 2000. My life was a mess at that time and I hardly had any money.

I wanted to have a piece of that same cake that was making others so rich. I called my friend and asked if I could work for him. We quickly came to an agreement on my salary and I booked a ticket with the last few dollars I had in my bank account.

Two weeks of hard but optimistic work zoomed by and I asked my friend for my paycheck. No such luck – he told me that he couldn’t pay me until his funding package came through, about $2M.

Another two weeks passed, and the excuse given this time was that he’d found a better option, about $5M waiting for final approvals by the angel investors. By the end of another month, I had not yet seen a dime. I was upset and discouraged, and felt betrayed by my friend.

I scraped together a few bucks and booked a flight back to my home in Hawaii, immediately beginning a program of constant phone calls to my friend, determined to collect what was due me. I talked to him several times, and then found out that he was on vacation in Hawaii.

Guess what? Now I was really pissed off! I hired a lawyer and tried to get my money back. It turned into a huge no-win situation in my life that ate up every ounce of joy and faith I once had in success. Every day I woke up and felt miserable.

My mind was like a magnet – stuck on loss and betrayal.

A few months later, another, wiser friend said something strange to me: “Can you forgive your friend?” For a moment I was puzzled.

Forgive….why should I? He should apologize and send me my money. My friend replied: “Nothing will ever change until you forgive him!” Again, I felt slapped in the face and confronted with the question: “How do I forgive?” I had no idea… I needed help.

Forgiveness can be difficult when the person who wronged us doesn’t seem to deserve our forgiveness – it’s hard to remember that forgiveness benefits the forgiver more than the one who is forgiven.

Another 3 weeks later, I finally got professional help costing me over $2100. As soon as I started to forgive my friend, my anger and frustration miraculously began to dissolve, and…

Get immediately download Dream Manifesto – Choice of Forgiveness Course
I was finally free to move on with my life.

Don’t Waste Another Day of Your Life – Let Go of the Past
Making Conscious Choices Starts With Forgiving. No one other than you can start the process of forgiveness. The Choice of Forgiveness Program will support you in the process of forgiving yourself by helping you release any past experiences you are holding on to.

The Choice of Forgiveness Program is the key to a fulfilled and successful life. Developing the act of forgiving – for yourself and others – is an essential sign of spiritual maturity.

When you can forgive yourself and others, you no longer need to hang on to the past and can move on with your life. You are free.

Studies Prove the Miraculous Effect of Forgiveness
Forgiveness can literally heal you heart. A study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine found “forgiveness to be associated with lower heart rate and blood pressure as well as stress relief.”

Another study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine stated that forgiveness is positively associated with “five measures of health: physical symptoms, medications used, sleep quality, fatigue, and somatic complaints.”

It seems that the reduction in negative affect (depressive symptoms), strengthened spirituality, conflict management and stress relief one finds through forgiveness all have a significant impact on overall health.”

A third study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that “forgiveness not only restores positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors toward the offending party, but the benefits of forgiveness spill over to positive behaviors toward others outside of the relationship.”

Forgiveness has extraordinarily powerful benefits for your body, your relationships, and your place in the world. Letting go of anger and working on forgiveness could literally save your life.

Experience The Healing Power of Forgiveness Yourself
For the first time there is now a complete home study course available to you. This course was developed in partnership with one of the top authorities in the field of forgiveness. It’s an easy and proven step by step course that guides you through releasing any negative emotions in a very short time.

The complete sets contains two books and two CDs. Let me give you a quick overview of each part:

Book 1 – Learn to Let Yourself Off The Hook
The Choice of Forgiveness – Letting Yourself Off The Hook     Reading this book alone will give you a deep understanding why you are holding on to grudges and bitterness. You will see why you may be willing to forgive but have no tools on how to actually go about it.

You will gain a solid foundation to handle any incident that happened in the past and may happen again in the future. You will have the knowledge to resolve any issues in almost no time.

Furthermore you will have the understanding why it happened and also why the issue itself will elevate you further into maturity. This book is a true eye opener into the topic and will definitely shift your feelings.

Release the burdens of your past and present that haunt you. . .

This book takes you further than anything you may have encountered of before by introducing you to the spiritual healing concept of forgiveness. You will come to understand why certain incidents happened to you and you will even recognize why they were necessary. In the end you will be grateful for the whole experience!

Book 2 – Apply Powerful, Transforming Exercises
The Choice of Forgiveness – Step by Step Work Book     This step-by-step workbook contains an insightful overview on forgiveness and a powerful self-guided forgiveness process.

Using a clear, practical approach, this workbook shows how to use forgiveness as a powerful healing tool to release the past and restore peace and well-being. It can be applied to any conflict, grievance, trauma, or other difficult life experience.

This is an ideal tool for those who don’t know how to get started. The exercises in this book are based on 15 years of experience dealing with all sort of issues. It has help hundreds of people finding their way back to happiness and joy.

CD 1 – Listen to Subliminal Healing Invocations
The Choice of Forgiveness     Listen to these specially recorded heart healing session once per day when you can relax and tune out the outside world.

After one session you will begin to release past negative experiences and feel released with a flush of positive feelings.

The CD also contains a thorough introduction which reveals how to use the power of forgiveness to release your past, free your attention, and move on with your life. This prepares your mind for the sessions, and gives you profound insight why the practice of forgiveness is essential for a fulfilled life.

Special proven technology to get in touch with your heart. . .

The forgiveness phrases are spoken in the left and the right channels simultaneously. This binaural technology is the most effective way to disengage the conscious mind from analyzing the words themselves and letting the subconscious mind absorb 100 percent of their impact.

The soothing and gentle background music was especially created to help you get in touch with deeper feelings. There is nothing you need to do – simply listen and relax and the process will instantly begin to work for you.

CD 2 – Deepen Your Healing with Guided Mediation
The Choice of Forgiveness – Guided Meditation     Whether you are currently dealing with a difficult conflict, or carrying the burden of a longstanding conflict from the past, this CD guides you to forgive the other person, and yourself, release the conflict from your life, and restore yourself to peace.

The Forgiveness Guided Meditation CD is a powerful process for forgiving, healing and letting go of conflict. It will further help you to let go of the past by simply listening.

Developed by a professional meditator, Forgiveness Guided Meditation has helped hundreds of people to transform their anger, grief to appreciation and gratitude.

Can it be That Simple – Will I Be Able to Forgive?
Yes, The Choice of Forgiveness Course will guide you through the forgiveness process step by step. Even if you have doubts and you trying to resist – this wonderful course will simply dissolve any negative emotions you are holding on to.

There’s a certain magic that happens when you truly forgive yourself. All those who’ve honestly and truly forgiven themselves have felt that magic. And they followed specific steps, even if they didn’t realize it at the time.

It is one of the most powerful and effective ways to experience will lead to overflowing joy, happiness and gratitude in your precious life.
Listen to this short audio introduction on forgiveness:

The Choice of Forgiveness Course offers the fastest, easiest and most elegant way to start retrieving your power. It changes your perspective. It allows greater clarity and wisdom. You’re able to understand in ways others can only imagine.

Take Action Today – Feel Relief in Just 45 Minutes!
You know something is wrong, but what? A professional therapist will bill you thousands of dollars with no guarantee of success. You’ll probably get to only the symptoms and not the core issues.

You may not be able to afford the time and money for a shrink, and that’s exactly why The Choice of Forgiveness Course was created so that the average sufferer could start releasing the emotional pain that’s holding them back from living the life they deserve.

Master the art of forgiveness with this profound and highly effective course you can simply do in the comfort of your own home. Experience just how blissful and joyful your daily life can be again.

Full 90 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured through our no-risk, 100% no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee for 3 Full Months.

If this course doesn’t help you to end the pain, if it doesn’t guide you to get your life back, if it doesn’t release painful emotions and energize your life and in fact, if it doesn’t change your life within the first hour of listening to it – then we will refund every penny of your purchase.
Order Now – Risk Free For 3 Month
Do you know how much money a good therapist costs these days? They will tell you that you need at least 10 sessions; each costing you $150 – that’s $1500! To add insult to injury, it may just mask the symptoms, and you may never get to the core issues. That’s why people continue therapy for years.

Have you ever heard of a 90-day money back guarantee from a psychiatrist?

For a limited time, you can get help with lifting that emotional burden off your shoulders for just $76. Get rid of any negative feelings you are holding on to right now by listening for only 30 minutes to one of the CDs.

Plus, I want to make sure you are absolutely thrilled with the results you get, so I’m going to give you some invaluable tools for free . . .

Special Bonus Gift #1 – “The 18 Rules of Happiness” – Ebook
Seven Steps to ProsperityThis book is a mini-course in mega-happiness. It unveils 18 simple secrets that you can use to begin enjoying profound happiness and freedom in your life.

From simple shifts in attitude to powerful mind-body “hacks,” this guide will show you how to easily tap into the sunshine that already exists within you – and, quite simply, become the happiest person you know.

Karl Moore is a well known entrepreneur and self-development leader. He’s one of the 12 key teachers in “The Meta Secret” movie, and author of “The Secret Art of Self-Development” (a $19.95 value).

Special Bonus Gift #2 – “Why Forgive?” – Ebook
Why Forgive”Why Forgive?” brings together survivors of crime, betrayal, bigotry, and abuse – and ordinary men and women plagued by everyday strife. Not all are ready to forgive. But all are determined not to let anger, bitterness, and despair control their lives. Collectively, their stories will challenge and encourage others wherever they are on the road to healing.

In “Why Forgive?” Arnold lets the untidy experiences of ordinary people speak for themselves – people who have earned the right to talk about overcoming hurt, and about the peace of mind they have found in doing so (a $24.95 value).

Special Bonus Gift #3 – “Successful Manifesting” – Ebook
Successful ManifestingOpen the door to a revitalizing, life changing way of thinking. Learn how to effectively implement step-by-step strategies to set goals and move toward them.

Learn to align your talents and ambitions to produce truly startling results. Explore the most crucial concepts needed to create abundance and prosperity in your life. Achieve financial freedom and live an extraordinary life (a $29.95 value).

All three bonus ebooks – valued at $74.85 – are available for instant download after placing your order.

Go Green! – Entire Course Available for Download

Be part of the solution. Digital downloads are the “green” answer to demanding fewer resources from our planet. What you get is software with an environmental footprint of zero while enjoying the benefits of the complete package.

Digital downloads are one part of the larger trend in making our lives – both professionally and personally – cleaner, more efficient, and better for everyone.

Downloading Your Forgiveness Course is Simple
Even if you have never downloaded anything before you will be able to do it very easily. If you made it to this page then the download will be a breeze.

Your Purchase Helps Others!

With your purchase, you also help others who do not have the resources available for forgiveness materials.
We donate 10% from our profit to the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance.

This nonprofit organization is dedicated to the principle that teaching forgiveness and nonviolence are forces for peace and physical healing.

If you want to experience all the benefits of forgiveness – this is absolutely the best way to do it.

Now get ready to let go of the past and move on. . .

Will you do what it takes to feel better? You can spend years trying to figure out how to end the emotional pain. You could spend a lifetime without ever knowing the magic of forgiveness. Or you could let this powerful course show you right now.

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Dream Manifesto - Choice Of Forgiveness Course

Dream Manifesto - Choice of Forgiveness Course

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