Bryan Kreuzberger – 1 Lead A Day

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Can predict revenue and sales far easier because there’s a predictable process to use.

Bryan Kreuzberger – 1 Lead A Day

Bryan Kreuzberger – 1 Lead A Day

Check it out: Bryan Kreuzberger – 1 Lead A Day

1 Lead A Day


70,000+ business and entrepreneurs use the system
8.7 Million hours of cold calling saved
$1.25 Billion in Sales generated


If you are a salesperson or run a team of salespeople then you can relate:

Most salespeople get thrown onto a product and are just expect to “go sell it.”

Every month there’s a quota to hit, so each salesperson tries their hardest to hit that number in their own way:

  • One person tries furiously cold calling businesses hoping for a sale.
  • One person is going on endless numbers of meetings but closing no sales.
  • One person is posting on Facebook hoping to drum up leads from a random acquaintance.

It’s often a huge mess!

This is extremely common in a lot of companies, and it’s no way for a company to reliably get bigger and more profitable because:

  • There’s zero predictability.
  • There’s no fixed processes in place.
  • There’s no way to accurately track any of the sales activity.

If an investor were to look at this company and see that there’s no accurate way to predict revenue, they might just completely pass on the company.


When I come into a company, I’ll always ask the owner want they want salespeople to do. The answer is almost always:

“I want a predictable way to bring in qualified leads.”
Notice the emphasis on “predictable.”

For example: If you want 4 new customers per month…how would you go about hitting that number?

Many salespeople aren’t able to breakdown what it would take to hit their number, because they have no accurate data to go off of.

However a company (and salespeople) with a proven process in place knows almost EXACTLY what needs to be done for the month to meet a certain goal.

At the beginning of the month, a salesperson with a predictable system can make some guestimates based on past results such as:

“My monthly quota is $400,000
“I need to send 100 emails.”
“I need to get about 35 responses.”
“I need to get 19 phone calls.”
“I need to get 11 in-person meetings.”
“This will result in 4 signed contracts.”
“This will result in $400,000.”

This predictable plan gives that person:
Accurate expectations.
An accurate plan of what they need to do everyday.
Peace of mind knowing they can hit their quotas reliably.
That’s the power of having a predictable system in place.

When I was 23 years old I was working in sales in Aliso Viejo California. It was my first job and I was cold calling VP’s of It and IT Directors of mid-market companies doing about $100 million to $500 million in revenue. I was making roughly 50 calls a day.

This was my day…
Call 1: Voicemail.
Call 2: Voicemail.
Call 3: Hangup.
Call 4: Hangup.
Call 5: Talk for 45 seconds, hangup.
Call 6: Hangup.
Call 7: Hangup.
Call 8: Hangup.
Call 9: Voicemail.
Call 10: Voicemail.

::repeat this 4 more times per day::

“Hey I’m Bryan Kreuzberger and I’m calling on behalf of Oracle, did I reach you at a bad time?”


Or I would just leave voicemails that were never returned.

After the 50th time repeating that on a random Tuesday, I realized where my life was:

I went to college to become a telemarketer.
I felt chained to my desk. Like there was a forcefield around my desk and I couldn’t leave.

Every day I would arrive at work. Get a coffee, which was the highlight of my day, and try to do anything but make cold calls.

I’m in a cubicle.
There’s managers nearby so I can’t just surf the internet.
It looks bad if you’re not on the phone. I was expected to ALWAYS be on a phone call.
Thinking in my head: “Does this even matter?”
Thinking “Is this going to be my life for the next 30 years?”
My only function in life was to generate leads and annoy people who didn’t want to talk to me.

But here’s the problem, this was how every single day went:

9:00am: Get to work.

10:00am: Rearrange the files or folders on my desktop. Avoid all calling until my manager nudged me and said, “Bryan, I think it’s time to pick up the phone.” “The phone doesn’t dial itself.” “It’s time to smile and dial.”

“Really? This is my life? I went to college just to become a telemarketer?”

Being the guy that’s saying “ Hi this is. ::hang up:: Hi this is. ::hang up:: Hi this is. ::hang up::

At that point in life I thought there had to be a better way. I made it my mission to become a great salesperson, but not just through cold calling. I wanted to close sales. I wanted to make a lot of money.

I watched other salespeople cold call and it just seemed like a crapshoot.

They had no data.
They had no system.
They didn’t test their calls.
The always had to do it themeselves…

It wasn’t until I discovered cold emailing that everything changed.
15,000 A/B email tests later….
10,000 cold calls later….
7 years of testing….
600 books…

That’s when I came up with my 1 Lead A Day System, and its primary advantage was email.


I find this to be a great thing for salespeople!

And that’s because email has slowly crept up as being the number one form of communication in business. Sure slack is coming, but for day to day, you can reach anyone on email.

I was in sales in 2005 selling websites for a creative agency, and here’s the amount of cold calls vs.

Clearly I was making far more calls than sending emails.

But fast-forward to today, and this is an average of how many cold calls vs cold emails I have our clients make:

The reason is because using my method of cold emailing cut down on 95% of that initial cold-calling rejection.

It’s not that cold calling doesn’t work, or can’t work, it’s just that it’s not an effective use of your time.

Does this look familiar?

I have nothing against cold calling, but the sheer amount of time it takes to make 100 cold calls in a day is staggering. Or what if you already have accounts, how likely are you to prospect for two or three hours between meetings. Cold calling is the first thing to go, even though you know you should do it.

Over the last 7 years I’ve made it my goal to perfecting a cold email system that psychologically triggers certain responses from the recipient.

These emails have:
…been used by 70,000+ businesses and entrepreneurs.
…been tested at Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Oracle.
…been tested at smaller private companies and by individual entrepreneurs.
…generated over $1.25 Billion in sales.
For salespeople that start using this system, it means less frustration, less rejection and more reward.

But the best part about emails is you can delegate it to someone else. You can sort-of do that with a cold call, but it comes out differently every time, and different people perform the sales script differently also.

Why Emails Are Better
You can test the same email over and over. Whereas each call goes a little differently.
You can send hundreds with one click. Whereas hundreds of calls takes forever, and are kind of depressing to make 8 hours per day.
Email you can delegate to someone else so you can go play golf or pick your kids up at school.
Everything is trackable. You can see what’s working and what’s not. Go by data, not just by sheer effort.
With email you can track things on a scale never possible with calling.

For example, Bill is on of 20 sales guys for a farm equipment retailer. In one second you can track all the emails Bill has sent:

With this one screenshot we can show Bill:
Which days are best to send his emails.
Which email templates are working.
Which email templates are NOT working.
We can then modify his sales process to make it better. This is only possible because we can track every aspect of his email.

Imagine going from zero sales process, to knowing every send and click that happens.

I created the 1 Lead A Day System for companies and entrepreneurs because…

If you are not using a step-by-step sales system with email at its core, then you are missing out on one of the most powerful and efficient sales tools of all time.


Many companies try to grow larger by hiring a bunch of salespeople and then begin “throwing spaghetti at the wall” to see what sticks.

If your strategy is to hire a bunch of people and then fire them within 6 months if they don’t produce, think about it…is that how the Yankees build a championship team? Is this how any team is built? Of course not.

You need a process. A system. You need to win.

You need that glue that keeps the team together and working hard to achieve their goal of being a consistent, predictable force day after day.

But most companies would rather roll the dice…

They make salespeople cold call.
They make salespeople randomly cold email.
They wait 3-6 months to see which salespeople work out well then fire the rest.
They notice only 1 salesperson is carrying the entire team, and then that person leaves.
This is the sign of a non-predictable sales team that has no process and is completely at the mercy of a few superstars. Even if you are a superstar now, wouldn’t you like it to be easier to get meetings?

The bottom line is this…

The COMPANY doesn’t have a predictable sales process.

10 people.
10 different systems.
0 predictability.

Each person has a different style.
Each person has a different process.
Each person has a different set of strengths.
Each person has a different set of weaknesses.

If you want to learn from your mistakes this is great because it allows you to try multiple “experiments” to see what sticks. However you could save a lot of time just by following a predictable sales system.

Doing things this way leaves the whole company unpredictable and in turmoil.

One team member can leave, and the next person has to start from scratch using their own methods.
You can’t predict how many meetings will be scheduled.
You can’t predict how many sales will be closed.
You can’t predict which salespeople will produce.
This. Is. A. Mess.
There’s no way to get predictability out of a completely unpredictable system.

This is where the 1 Lead A Day System steps in.

It’s designed to take each sales person and get a predictable number out of them.

Let’s demonstrate the difference between an unpredictable sales team, and a predictable sales team:

Ben needs to generate one extra lead per day.

He picks up the phone for 30 minutes and cold calls. He then sends out 10 emails to some people he thinks might be interested. He then sends out a LinkedIN requests to 30 people in a distributor group.

Result: Completely unpredictable. Meetings are setup by pure luck. He has to reinvent re-invent the wheel for each client. No way to determine what worked and what didn’t.

Jason needs to generate one extra lead per day.

Jason already knows the exact target customers who are likely to be interested and buy.
He uses email templates that have been proven to work hundreds of times to request a meeting.
He wakes up the next morning with the email responses in his inbox and schedules meetings with those people.

Result: 1-3 meetings scheduled per day. Jason knows how much time he needs to spend to generate those meetings.

NOW…..imagine we scaled this operation up to 10 sales people.

10 X Ben = ? All up to luck and chance. No clue what results to expect.
10 X Jason = 250 meetings per month, 35 sales.
We can pretty accurately calculate how many meetings and sales this team will get because it is following a predictable sales system.

That’s the value of a predictable sales system

If you are looking to grow your organization but feel like everything is too un-predictable, then let us show you step-by-step how to build a predictable organization that:

  • Doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel for each hire.
  • Can predict revenue and sales far easier because there’s a predictable process to use.
  • Has proven processes that you can use to scale your business.
  • Helps you hit your number more often because the sales people know exactly what to do, to hit their goals.
  • Gets each salesperson 1 extra qualified lead per day.

Let us guide you on how to implement the 1 Lead A Day system for yourself (or your company) to make a sales system that’s far more predictable and enjoyable.

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Bryan Kreuzberger – 1 Lead A Day

Bryan Kreuzberger – 1 Lead A Day

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