Amanda Frances – Decoding Fame – Next Level


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Famous is often a dirty word in spiritual circles, but fame is just influence

Amanda Frances - Decoding Fame - Next Level

Amanda Frances – Decoding Fame – Next Level

Check it out: Amanda Frances – Decoding Fame – Next Level

A lot of people on the internet are good at making money.

Others are good at growing an online presence.

Very few excel at both.

I knew, from the beginning of moving my business online: Impact and Income were both were completely nonnegotiable. My company would always have both.

Today, I own a global brand with paying clients in 88 countries, people consuming my free content in 95 counties, and with hundreds of thousands of women in my audience. My company has generated over eight figures since we began and is on track to generated $5 million in 2020.

The thing is this: For me, it wasn’t the chicken or the egg. I didn’t wait for income to create influence or for influence to generate income. I grew them both together by creating a trustworthy, much-loved, and highly regarded brand.

Your branding, messaging, and energy teach people how to think of you and how to treat you.

They tell someone whether it is safe to pay you.

This isn’t about online fame for the sake of fame.

This is about being known, creating influence, and making a difference.

This is about making a difference in people’s lives with your work.

An online presence will help you do that.

A tool that gets to be defined by you.

When you desire fame, from a loving and service based place, you are in the position to allow your gifts, voice, vibe, and wisdom to be utilized to support more people while you and your work are also supported.

Your ideal audience exists and is already on the internet.

They are waiting for you to show up.

It’s your job to make it obvious and easy for people to find you, follow you and buy from you.

Decoding Fame is a completely new take on online fame.

It’s not just the social media strategy and the style and the colors (though we do that…) it’s about the stuff that truly matters too:

We tap into your purpose, we pull your core message from your soul and we magnetize those who need you… to you.

Then we monetize it.

My following grows continually. My income expands exponentially each and every year.

It doesn’t get harder each year — it gets way, way easier…

… because I get better — not just better at business — better at tapping into my power, owning my calling, and stepping unto unshakable certainty around my work.

And around my ability to make a buzz, build a movement, and create fame.

Simply because I decide to.

For years, people have asked me who I hired to create my brand. And I roll my eyes.

That is not how you create a brand.

A brand is not something you create; A brand is something you become.

This is energetic. Fame is something you embody.

This is about who you be and how you be.

It’s time you step into your truth and put your best, highest, and most authentic self into the world — unapologetically and with boldness.

When your online presence is based on something real, people can’t take their eyes off you.

You stand out. People know who you are. They get what you do.

And they show up to your livestream, email, or inbox ready to hire you.

This digital course experience is designed to catapult your online presence and multiply the number of people who know about your work + have already decided to work with you.

It’s time to make the difference that you are here to make.

I am releasing some of my best, most inspired, most channeled content on branding, social media, messaging, and attracting an online audience for women who know — at their core — that they are meant to be wave-making, fire-starting, world-changing leaders, businesses, and brands.

It is my intention that this process + container blow your mind, shake you up, propel you forward, and change the way you see yourself and your work… forever.

You desire to reach and help more people. You’re made for it.

You haven’t gone as big as you desire online. You want more.

You are ready for an expansion. It’s time to rise up into your next level.

You want more followers, fans, and potential clients obsessed with your work.

You dream of a life where all of this is easy. People find you, follow you, and pay you. And you don’t even have to think or worry about how this is occurring.

You are ready to magnetize your people to you. Continually. Regularly. Always. This is just how it is for you.

You are ready to be seen. You are ready to be watched, followed, noticed even if it makes you nervous or afraid.

You are ready to get paid. It’s time for a world where people ask to pay you. (I continually have people DMing and emailing asking what they can buy from me. This is a thing.)

You feel everything I am saying right now. You are starting to buzz. You are ready.


Clarity is always the first step to getting what you want. This module is about getting you massively clear on your message/your core truth and translating that into your authentic branding. This will transform your vibe, energy, and voice instantly. This lesson alone is absolutely business changing.


Confidently embrace the uniqueness that is you. It’s time to love, accept, believe in, and embrace yourself and your gifts… so that others can do the same. Let’s squish doubt, fear, dread, and self-consciousness about your work. I share my personal daily steps to keep myself boldly and unapologetically believing in my work. Once we are clear there, I will I teach you my unique process for picking the visual comments to your brand. We will style your brand so it looks and feels LIKE YOU.


It’s my job to teach you everything I know about getting visible online. People cannot hire you if they can’t see you. It’s time to show up on social media and in your client’s inbox with purpose. I will share with you my strategies for online visibility and how to stand out on social media platforms.


MY FAVORITE PART: Let’s tap into the irresistible energy that comes from boldly and unapologetically sharing your authentic branding truth online. This is the major way I attract clients, media, and money. I will also share my process for getting clear around my earnings goals and standing behind those numbers until they are mine. I will go into pricing, overcoming objections around price, and raising your prices over time. I also give you my five-step process for making money with each new offer online. This process and mindset is a massive contributor to my $100k+ months (currently earning $400k+ each month — having 42 back to back six-figure months today). I will share how I infused practicality and spirituality in earning my desired income. It simply wouldn’t be one of my courses if we didn’t manifest our financial desires.


In this recorded FAQ module, I clear up some of the most commonly asked questions around showing up online. Sharing without feeling annoying. Showing up online when your family thinks you’re crazy. Infusing contradictory aspects of your personality + your work into one brand. How to do your own SEO. How to run the show, drop the fear, change your mind and keep going… every day.


Famous is often a dirty word in spiritual circles, but fame is just influence. What type of influence do you desire? What do you feel called to in terms of how massive your empowering, impactful brand becomes?! I am here to give you permission to set a ridiculously BIG vision around what you are here to do and how next level your reach can be. You can have whatever you want.


In this training module — recorded in 2018 — we talk about the energetic uplevels that will be continually required to go to the next phase of your dreams, vision, and purpose… over and over again. This is the stuff that allows you to speed up time and build your empire quickly. As someone who significantly grows her income and impact each year, I really really get this. Let’s quantum leap. Are you ready?


There are a lot of different ways we can begin to feel unsafe as our presence grows — unsafe to share, express ourselves, be seen and be potentially ridiculed. It’s inside all of us. As women leaders, we create a new path for the generations ahead of us. The women who follow our work create new lives for themselves and their children. (If motherhood is part of their path.) That also means their children’s children. It’s okay that we have fears of being seen, fears of being watched and fears of being unsafe. But it’s also our job to reprogram these fears and live as solid, bold, powerful women who find their sense of security within and create safe spaces for others. This module, recorded just last Fall, is a whole vibe.


YES! This is very exciting. Join me LIVE in our private Decoding Fame Facebook group for a live Power Hour where I share everything I’ve learned about growing online presence + increasing my fame factor in the last year. There will be plenty of time for Q+A as well!

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Amanda Frances - Decoding Fame - Next Level